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A funnel cloud before a tornado formation

Why Storm Chasers Do What They Do

Ever heard about a storm forming and just had to go experience it up close? If you’re crazy enough to say yes, then there may be a little storm chaser hidden inside you. Due to huge numbers of tornadoes striking the US annually, there’s a group of people who are obsessed with this crazy natural phenomenon and like to chase it.

A funnel cloud before a tornado formation

What They Do and Why

Storm chasers’ adventures include chasing storms like tornadoes and hurricanes and gathering information by crossing boundaries of safe behavior that most people would rather not even think of.

They carry a lot of tech with them in order to do so. They photograph, record videos, measure speeds and variations and then sell those reports to whoever pays a good price.

Others do it just for the thrill of witnessing nature’s brutality and beauty come together. They just do it for fun while taking pictures, making videos, and posting them on social media for everyone to watch.

What Is Storm Chasing Like?

Storm chasing requires people to stay updated with the news and weather forecasts while driving towards the area where there’s a strong possibility of a storm or a tornado forming.

It can all be in vain sometimes, as forecasts are just mere predictions and aren’t 100% reliable. You could spend hours driving towards a storm only to have it last for a couple of minutes.

It’s a thrilling experience as stated by most storm chasers because it’s a matter of life and death sometimes, and some have even lost their lives in these chases.

A tornado in the countryside.

How They Help Us

As crazy as storm chasing may seem, it has also helped a lot of scientists and researchers learn more about these naturally occurring phenomenon. It has helped them learn immense amounts of detail about tornadoes — from the way they’re formed, their behavior, the areas likely to be affected, and the time period they’re going to last.

This also helped them raise awareness about the severity of these tornadoes and what precautions need to be taken to ensure safety. The discoveries have helped shelter-providing businesses to learn more and therefore, make better and more durable shelters for people to effectively combat the storm.

A concrete shelter installed in a backyard.

If you’re in Oklahoma and aren’t up for thrills, you should consider getting a storm shelter installed. Oklahoma Shelters provides hassle-free professional storm shelter installation services in Oklahoma and nearby areas. From concrete shelters and steel safe rooms to underground bunkers and garage shelters, Oklahoma Shelters have got your back. Reach out to them for more details.

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