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the aftermath of a tornado

How To Choose Between A Concrete And Steel Storm Shelter

The US faced above 1200 tornadoes in 2020 and around 1500 the year before. When faced by uncertain and unpredictable storms, the safety and concern of your family and loved ones should be of utmost importance. If you reside in the remote areas of Oklahoma and surroundings, you should consider getting a storm shelter installed or constructed right away. Choosing between a concrete and steel storm shelter can be tricky, that is why we have broken the two choices down to factors that you should consider before choosing either one of the shelter material options.

the aftermath of a tornado

Cheap Materials Or Cold Hard Metal?

If you’re looking for a cheap option, concrete storm shelters are the way to go but they don’t actually prove to be reliable when faced by severe and deadly storms. Concrete is brittle on its own and therefore, its walls can weaken over time due to mild rains and other climatic conditions.

The alternative is the rigid hard steel constructed storm shelter that comes ready made and is installed relatively easily. Steel doesn’t turn weak against moisture and is bound to last longer and prove to be more durable compared to concrete storm shelters.

Underground Or Above?

Location plays an important role in the decision of choosing the construction material for the storm shelter. Everyone automatically assumes a classic concrete bunker in the basement when they hear the term storm shelter. It is so because it is easier to convert a basement into a shelter however there is raised awareness about the cons of underground shelters as they can collapse.

Above ground shelters are relatively safer as they provide better chances of being rescued and escaping.

Inside Or Out?

Concrete storm shelters need to be built in a specific way that requires them to be located outside the main residing premises. However, the steel storm shelter can be built both indoors and outdoors very easily. This makes it a better choice as you can get it installed in a place that is easily accessible during emergencies.

a tornado in open field

This whole decision of choosing the kind of material will go to waste if you don’t get a storm shelter installed by experts. So if you live in Oklahoma or the surrounding areas of Tulsa, Norman, Edmond and Moore, be sure to check out Oklahoma Shelters. Offering a wide range of shelters options like concrete shelters, garage shelters, steel safe rooms and bunkers, Oklahoma Shelters is committed to keeping you and your loved ones safe! Reach out to us for more queries.

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