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Get a tornado shelter installation during fall to have your home

Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Shelter Installations in Oklahoma

Fall is here, and for most parts of the Tornado Alley, we’re looking at relatively calmer weather for the next few months. Oklahoma is among those regions that typically see tornado season up until summer, which means now is safer, and tornadoes are less likely to occur. Not impossible, given how unpredictable they are, but less likely.

For home and business owners in the region, fall also happens to be the perfect time to finally invest in tornado shelter installations for their properties. There are a few reasons for this, including:

More favourable weather conditions

Given that the weather is significantly calmer during these months, you can expect better conditions for installation. Our process takes 7-10 days, and the installation itself lasts a few hours depending on the shelter you get, with underground shelters requiring a bit more work, and safe rooms being faster.

Without the looming threat and worry of a tornado arriving, it’s easier to carry out the installation without risking the safety of our clients and our team members.

We offer slope and flat top shelter installation, garage and bunkers, as well as above-ground shelters.

Contractors are more readily available.

With fewer weather concerns and travel restrictions, our professional team can come to your home more easily and do an on-site evaluation for free, allowing them to provide you with free advice and recommendations about the best location for your home. From the type of shelter to its installation location, our team will walk you through the best possible options.

If you’re in OKC, we’ll come to your home to provide you with recommendations and evaluate the space, following which you can make your decision, sign a contract, drop off the deposit (or have it collected) and be closer to the installation day.

It’s also easier for us to schedule you in for long installations when there are more time and fewer chances for weather disruptions and risks.

Other tasks are easier to manage

This is especially if you’re going to need permits, renovations, and other repairs around the home. From clearing your spaces to obtaining permits, informing neighbors, and even applying for rebates, there’s a lot that you might need to do, so it’s better to give yourself enough of a window to get it all done.

No better time than the now to get it

Don’t delay shelter installation, because it’s not a luxury or a voluntary addition. A shelter in your home or workplace can be the difference between life and death when a tornado strikes, so whenever you’re able to have it installed, get in touch with us, and we’ll do whatever we can to help!

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