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Fall in Oklahoma sees a lot of shedding and change in foliage, which can lead to your shelter getting dirty.

4 Fall Care Tips for Your Outdoor Shelter

Fall is here, and Oklahoma sees a lot of change in weather, and of course, foliage! What this means is that you’ll most likely have leaves covering your yards, a lot more frequently too, and faster, more intense winds, which also probably means you’ll need to clean your yards out more frequently.

Among the many things you can do to keep your yard looking fresh and your storm shelter from collecting dirt, leaves, and debris, which can be especially hard to manage if they’re underground, here are some tips and advice:

1.     Make a weekly cleaning schedule.  

It helps to set a regular schedule, so you’re not stuck with a ton of cleaning and chores piled up and waiting to be attended to. You can, instead, focus on other tasks and get the bigger things out of the way.

From preparing your shelter for the fall, where you can expect fewer or no tornadoes, and store some items inside, to cleaning up your yard and doing some much-needed seasonal maintenance, you can cover a lot of ground this way.

2.     Clean up and rake debris and dirt that’s gathering

You’ll see a lot of leaves, dirt, dust, stems, branches, and other types of debris during the fall for a number of reasons, which is why it’s important that you keep your yard clean. It’s very easy for this debris and dirt to make its way into your shelter, which can add to your list of chores. Too much dirt and debris not only take up space but can be home to a lot of different insects and pests may also hinder access to your shelter during emergencies, so don’t delay the process and let your shelter get infested.

If you have an underground or slope top shelter, be sure to clean it out regularly during the fall.

3.     Trim branches to avoid more shedding and falling

If you have trees near your shelter, trimming branches to keep them from falling inside can help too. Especially on windy days or when you’re using your shelter, it’s easy for leaves and branches to fly in and pile up inside. In fact, you could even trim branches to prevent leaves from shedding excessively into your slope top shelter too. This tip will save you a lot of time.

4.     Tidy up your vegetable gardens and flower beds

If you’ve taken us up on our previous blog on landscaping with storm shelters, and have vegetable gardens and flower beds near or around your shelter, you should take extra precaution to clean them up. Get rid of shedding flowers, leaves, stems, and of course, bugs and pests too.

You can get more tips and advice on shelter maintenance through our blog, or contact us if you’re looking to have ordered a storm shelter for your home in OKC.

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