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An underground shelter.

What Is A Garage Shelter, And How Is It Installed?

As the name indicates, a garage shelter is a safe space built under the garage. It has the structure and size of a panic room and the security benefits of an underground bunker. Since the shelter’s opening can concealed under a vehicle or trap door, a burglar or intruder will not be able to find it.

However, even with all its uses, you may be worried about how long it will take to install and how disruptive the process may be. Although we can get your underground bunker set up quickly, it helps to know what the process will look like. Let’s dive in!

An underground shelter.

How is it installed?

The shelter is made off-site after getting the size of the order once the shelter is made according to your instruction, its time for installations.

Breaking down the concrete

The very first step is to break into the concrete with the help of hand-held saws. These have an abrasive wheel and a diamond blade that can cut into solid concrete. Water is poured over the slab to minimize the cement dust flying in the air. After the concrete slabs are cut through they are removed from the site.

Digging the foundation

Now that the hard part is done, an excavation machine is now used to dig up the foundation. The depth depends on the size of the garage shelter, and it must be very accurate.

Lowering the shelter

The shelter is then carefully lowered into the underground space. The shelter must fit perfectly in the area so that it doesn’t move around in case of an earthquake.

Covering the surrounding with cement

If there is space around the shelter, it is filled with cement. This helps the shelter stay in place without it wobbling.

Smoothing the attachment

The surface should be smoothed out perfectly. The shelter should be aligned to the rest of the garage floor.

Installing the stairs in the shelter

The last bit is to install the stairs in the shelter on-site. If you want sitting space in your shelter, you can get them installed around this time.

Metal door to shelter.

Sealing with the door

The final step that completes the task is to seal the shelter completely with its door. The door should be attached perfectly and easily accessible when needed.

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