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Digging the ground with a machine for placing underground bunker

How to Build an Underground Bunker to be Prepared

Even though there hasn’t been an increase in the frequency of tornadoes across the United States, people are actively taking precautions to limit the destruction they cause. One way of ensuring safety during a tornado is installing an underground bunker in your home’s backyard or workplace.

What do Underground Bunkers Protect Against

Safe rooms and bunkers installed beneath the ground can help protect you against tornadoes and several other kinds of natural disasters, including earthquakes and storms.

Digging the ground with a machine for placing underground bunker

Staying in a safe room underground helps us stay protected using the earth as a shield. There are several other advantages to using an underground bunker to counter natural catastrophes. We’ve listed some of them below:

Advantages of an Underground Bunker

  • It offers a better shot at survival due to the thick walls built around it and the ground surface for its roof.
  • It’s easily accessible.
  • It offers protection against flying debris that may cause severe injuries.
  • The materials in underground bunkers are flame resistant.
  • It offers a large space for storing important items and documents.
  • Installed in your backyard beneath the ground, it’s pivotal for your family’s privacy.

How to Build an Underground Bunker

If you’re planning to install an underground bunker, we suggest letting storm shelter experts deliver and install your shelter room for you. But if you want to build a bunker by yourself, we’ve listed some steps to follow to make sure your storm shelter works to its full effectiveness


Once you’re permitted to build an underground bunker, choosing the right location is important. Avoid places near the water or vegetation. Don’t dig near trees and plants, for you may have to cut through roots, which can be bad for the environment.

Choose the Right Bunker Material

You must choose the right material to build the bunker, so it doesn’t malfunction under the ground. Most common kinds of bunkers are made of cement or steel. Go through your budget and identify which material goes best with the conditions and your bank account.

Installing Essential Features

Before building your bunker, you need to determine how you will be using it. Some of the important features that you need inside your bunker include:

  • Ventilation system for fresh air
  • Waterproofing to protect the cabin from leaks
  • Power source
  • Water filter

Stock Up

Ensure you have enough room and shelves for storing essentials like food, a first-aid kit, blankets, and lamps.

An excavator digging the ground along the lines of a bunker

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