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Tornadoes-How Hazardous Are They, Really?

Tornadoes are terrible, and each one that causes devastation seems just as bad as the last. With the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale, the level of destruction caused by each tornado that makes landfall can be determined. Those living in Tornado Alley spend more time investigating the actual storm causing damage to our houses than we contemplate the meaning of the various tornado warning levels.

In this blog, we’ll examine the various degrees to which tornadoes can cause damage in Oklahoma. We hope that this information will help locals prepare for the next tornado season.

The Severity of Tornado Damage


This is the lowest level on the scale, with winds ranging from 40 to 72 mph and minor damage. Damage to structures is limited to the roofs and chimneys, and while some trees may have lost branches, they will still be primarily undamaged and able to withstand the storm.


The 73–112 mph winds accompanying events of this scale are sufficient to cause noticeable but manageable destruction. This notch will damage more roofs and residences with shaky foundations.


Wind speeds of this class of tornado range from 113 to 157 mph, and they can severely damage structures. House roofs can be entirely ripped out, and residences with unstable foundations can be completely destroyed. Moreover, trees can be snapped in half or uprooted.


Damage at this level is rather severe since winds at this speed range from 158 to 206 mph. When a tornado of this strength hits, nearly every home will suffer considerable destruction. No matter how sturdy their foundation or construction, houses will have their roofs and walls blown completely off by the winds.


The 207–260 mph winds at this level are what make a tornado of this intensity so destructive. There is complete damage to homes, uprooting of structures with weak foundations, and vehicular destruction as automobiles are hurled at great distances. The tornado’s impact may generate up to three thousand vertical feet of debris, and these winds have been known to strike down many times, increasing the initial destruction.


Extreme tornadoes like this one can pack winds of between 261 and 318 mph. The storm’s winds can completely or partially blow away numerous houses. The winds are so powerful at this point that even the tallest skyscrapers and office buildings are utterly demolished and torn apart. The destruction brought on by these tornadoes is unparalleled.

Tornadoes are always a threat; no matter how extensive the destruction, your and your loved ones’ safety must be your top priority. Despite a storm’s severity, Oklahoma Shelters has worked diligently to establish a level of safety and security that can be counted on.

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