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An underground basement with food stored in barrels and some fruit baskets

The Three Advantages Of Having A Safe Room In Your House

Having a safe room in a house is mandatory in some districts of Oklahoma State, given how often it is hit by tornadoes. If you happen to live in any of these districts, you’ll need a service provider to install a storm-safe shelter at your home.

Safe rooms are necessary additions to homes in certain parts of the world where cyclones, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are frequent. Their job is to keep you and your loved ones safe from harm until the storm subsides. But storm shelters can also be used for other purposes.

Here are three advantages of having a safe room in your house.

An underground basement with food stored in barrels and some fruit baskets

1. Increases Storage Capacity

Besides the obvious benefit of saving your life from a life-threatening disaster, storm shelters can add to your home’s storage capacity. During a storm, it’ll be your haven, but the rest of the year, you can use it to store necessities like food, warm clothing and bedding, medical supplies, and anything that’ll fit inside.

2. Raises Property Value

When buying a family home, you’ll want to ensure that your investment brings good returns when the time comes. Having your home fitted with a concrete storm shelter will increase its property value, meaning that when you need to sell the property, you can get back what you invested into making the shelter or perhaps get even more!

3. Protects You In Case Of A Home Invasion

In times like these, you’ll probably want all the security you can get for your family. With storm shelters – either above ground or underground – you can stay safe from attacks on your home or family. Because our safe rooms come with door seals to safeguard you and your loved ones against dangerous winds, they will also protect you in case of a home invasion.

If you’d like a free quote on your home for an above-ground storm shelter in Oklahoma City or Norman, leave us your details, and we’ll coordinate a visit.

If you’ve recently moved to Oklahoma City or Norman with your family, make sure to have a safe room for your house or an underground bunker in your garage. The bunker should be installed in such a way that all your family members can quickly reach there in an emergency.

You should also get your bunker examined by experts before settling in. That’ll make sure your shelter is up to date on security standards and allow us to make any upgrades if necessary. To learn more about how we can keep your family safe during a bad storm, call 405-367-7901.

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