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Should I Invest In A Safe Room If I Have A Basement?

Tornados can come without warning. They are nature’s most dangerous forces to be reckoned with. According to experts, a standard tornado with a 200mph wind speed can produce 1 billion watts of energy, equivalent to a large nuclear generator. The best course of action when a tornado forms is to seek shelter in a FEMA-approved tornado shelter such as a safe room.

Some people believe that owning safe rooms is unnecessary if a home has a basement. If you’re wondering whether it’s better to hire a reliable tornado shelter contractor to install a safe room or use the basement for protection, continue reading this guide.

Are Basements Safe During Tornadoes?

A few people have a misconception that installing a safe room and having a basement are the same thing. Basements can be a viable option for protection during harsh weather conditions if you don’t own a safe room, but FEMA recommends installing one.

A basement can offer protection, but it might be limited for smaller storms. If a severe storm hits, it could affect your basement as well. They aren’t designed to handle harsh weather and can collapse if their walls become weak. Seeking protection in them can put your life at risk rather than offer you safety.

A basement destroyed by a tornado in Oklahoma City, OK

What Does A Safe Room Offer?

Reliable storm shelter contractors can offer safe rooms which can handle the harshest weather. Quality safe rooms and above-ground shelters are built in line with FEMA guidelines, making them sturdy enough to handle F5 tornadoes.

Safe rooms are a long-term investment designed to stand the test of time. Apart from the protection you get from installing, it also increases your home’s value if you’re planning on selling your house. You can also get a warranty by getting a safe room installed by a reputable storm shelter provider. We offer a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion on all our products.

Which One Is the Better Option?

Even if you have a basement under your home, it’s not safe and can put your and your family’s life at risk. A safe room offers additional benefits than basements and maximum protection against the harshest weather. It’s better to get a safe room installed by a reliable tornado shelter provider than risk your life in an unsafe underground basement.

Get Safe Rooms Installed By Experts In Tulsa, OK

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