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Safe Rooms Vs. Basements: A Guide

According to news reports, Oklahoma is the state with the third-highest number of tornadoes every year. The Sooner State in the United States experiences around 68 tornadoes a year. These tornadoes result in injuries, financial loss, and even deaths. Therefore, the people of Oklahoma often take shelter in safe rooms or basements to protect themselves from winds with intense speeds of 200+ mph. But which one can offer better protection from tornadoes between safe rooms and basements?

This blog discusses the differences between safe rooms and basements to help you make the right choice.

Which is Suited for Tornadoes?

In the past, weather experts recommended taking shelter in the basement of a house during the tornado season, as being closer to the ground decreases the likelihood of a person being affected by the wind. However, due to climate change, tornadoes have become more destructive lately. An example is Oklahoma experiencing 12 tornadoes in February 2023, which broke the record for the highest number of tornadoes in February.

Therefore, basements are no longer suited to protect from tornadoes. They’re designed to be an extra room in the house and aren’t built to withstand strong winds. Therefore, it’s better to opt for safe rooms made from steel, offer better ventilation, and keep you and your family safe.

Basements or Safe Rooms — Which Are More Suited for Houses?

Even though basements and safe rooms can be customized, making changes in a basement requires extensive construction. On the other hand, you can get a safe room built from scratch, according to your needs, and get it installed in your house. Safe rooms can protect a large number of people, pets, and belongings. In the long run, safe rooms are more cost-effective and secure. Safe rooms have specially designed bolts and vents, which basements lack. On the other hand, the doors of basements are strong enough to withstand wind and can be blown away during extreme tornadoes.

The interior of a safe room

Get a Safe Room in Oklahoma Today

Between safe rooms and basements, safe rooms are the ideal choice for people living in Oklahoma who have to deal with constant tornadoes, storms, and other severe weather conditions. At Oklahoma Shelters, we have reliable and long-lasting safe rooms in Oklahoma. Our safe room designs meet or exceed the standards set by FEMA and come with a 10-year warranty. Additionally, these Oklahoma Safe Rooms can be customized at any height. They’re wheelchair accessible and come with a steel door, vents, and locking bolts. This means that between safe rooms and basements, our safe rooms are the safer and more reliable option.

Get in touch with us, place an order for a custom-built safe rooms oklahoma, and receive it in 10 days.

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