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Lightning Strike: A Terrifying Storm Ordeal

According to statistics, there are 1 million lightning strikes in Oklahoma annually. Even if we have an improved understanding of its nature, lightning nevertheless conveys a sense of danger and mystery. Because of this, meteorologists still research it today to make safer judgments.

So what precisely is lightning? How can safety shelter help us avoid being struck by lightning, and what can you do to safeguard your family, your home, and yourself from the next thunderstorm that may hurl lightning your way? Keep reading to learn all about it.

What is Lightening?

A massive electrical spark known as lightning can form on the ground, between clouds, or in the air. A cloud’s negative and positive charges, as well as its connection to the ground, are first separated by air, which serves as an insulator. This breakdown in the air’s insulating ability causes the opposite charges to build up, and lightning occurs as a result.

How Can You Tell If A Storm Is Coming?

The probability of being struck by lightning increases if you hear thunder. Lightning cannot occur without a thunder sound as the lightning bolt heats the air, which causes thunder to occur.

Are You Safe Inside a Home During Lightening?

The best course of action when a storm capable of generating lightning is nearby is to seek refuge in a strong, enclosed building. Despite this, lightning still poses a threat to you if specific safety measures are not followed. Whether you are inside or not, you can get hit by lightning if it crashes into your house. Here are some of the recommendations while inside:

  • Don’t use the phone, computer, or other electrical devices.
  • Avoid taking a bath or shower or washing dishes since the pipes might carry lightning.
  • Stay away from the windows and doors because the metal frames on them might cause lightning to strike.

When To Seek Shelter?

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Lightning usually strikes the tallest structure in its path; therefore, wide spaces are the most unsafe places to be when lightning strikes. An automobile or a location with a hard rooftop is a good place to seek shelter if there are no surrounding buildings.

You may determine how far away lightning is from you based on the interval between the lightning strike and the thunder, which is 1 mile every 5 seconds.

Seek Shelter in Oklahoma During Lightning and Thunderstorms!

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