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Importance of Contributing to a Community Shelter

Tornadoes and other environmental hazards occur throughout the world. In the US alone, tornadoes, on average, kill 70 people every year and cause destruction worth 400 million dollars. This is why we, as a community, must contribute to a shelter: not because we do not need it today, but because we may need it tomorrow.

A community shelter contributes toward a safe space where there is roofing, water, clothes, and basic first-aid for several people during or after a disaster.

People Holding Hands

Such contributions sustain a community and instill in us the idea that we are, at the end of the day, one unit. It encourages participation, uses local resources, and brings people together when it promises to protect members of a community that are homeless, tourists, renters, and pets.

Community plans also enhance resilience in people and eliminate vulnerabilities. Research shows that such community-led approaches end up leading to successful and sustainable interventions compared to charitable approaches.

What types of community shelters can we contribute to?

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1 – Emergency Shelter

This is a basic shelter used for brief periods of time to deliver life-saving support for a single night or a few days during an emergency. It doesn’t provide space for too many people, nor does it provide long-term food or medical services.

2- Temporary Shelters

Made for short-term use, this is a simple shelter used for a couple of weeks after a disaster strikes.

3 – Storm Shelter

This can be a building that can provide safety to people from severe environmental hazards, including strong winds and tornadoes.

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4 – Safe Rooms

These rooms are specifically designed to keep their occupants safe from disasters, are well made, and ventilated to ensure maximum safety.

5 – Temporary Housing

A community can contribute toward these shelters where people can stay for six months to three years. Such places allow those struck by disaster to resume their daily activities to an extent.

4 – Transitional Shelters

Communities can help build transitional shelters for a long-term safe space. These are constructed on permanent locations and, after use, can be resold to generate money, which can be utilized by the community to rebuild and reconstruct disaster-struck areas. Transitional shelters can be used for months or years.

If you’re based in Norman, Oklahoma, and are looking for building community shelters, we at Oklahoma Shelters can come to your rescue. We specialize in providing above ground storm shelters, garage shelters and safe rooms with a warranty of 10-years and instant installation. Get in touch with us to get a consultation today!

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