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Illustration depicting a tornado's destructive power

Here’s What Not To Do When A Tornado Hits

In the midst of chaos and confusion following a natural disaster like a tornado, it might be simpler to act on gut feeling rather than facts. When it comes to tornadoes and how to prepare for them, there is a lot of potentially harmful information and some misconceptions circulating.

Tornadoes might be fatal to you or someone you care about. Therefore, tornado safety leaves no tolerance for error or uncertainty. Through cutting-edge technology and rigorous scientific research, we have refined and perfected our safety protocols, such as the construction of in-ground storm shelters and tornado shelters that cover flying debris and other threats during tornadoes.

However, we must eliminate the most dangerous practices that people rely on during natural disasters. In case of a tornado, please keep the following in mind:

Don’t Ignore Tornado Watches and Warnings

Even when they aren’t projected to be particularly violent, Tornadoes can cause significant damage and deaths. It is imperative that you take all warnings, sirens, and alerts seriously. Don’t ignore warning signs because the threat or danger isn’t as severe as you would have thought.

Refrain from going about your normal activities and take all necessary safety precautions when a warning or alert is issued.

Don’t Go Outside; Stay Indoors and Away From Anything That Could Easily Shatter

Remember that hurricanes and tornadoes are genuine threats that should not be taken lightly. If you cannot get to your garage storm shelter, you should seek the nearest enclosed area and stay low. Hide beneath a table, and keep away from any glass windows or doors.

Additionally, keep all your windows closed since it risks your safety by letting debris fly into the house.

Always Be Aware Of Where You Can Take Shelter

Always have a backup and emergency plan ready. Share this knowledge with everyone living in your house. It’s important to have a safe place like underground bunkers in an emergency, whether at home, in class, or at the office.

Stay Away From Vehicles, Flyovers, and Billboards

When an emergency occurs, most people head for their automobiles or a nearby flyover, where they hope the sturdy concrete will keep them safe. There are several ways in which people might be severely injured by the tornado, its debris, or the collapse of the bridge and subsequent collisions with other cars or huge billboards. Again, the best course of action is to take refuge in a concrete tornado shelter built to resist the effects of such natural disasters or any place safe if you’re stranded outside.

 A tornada near a small island.

Tornado Shelters and Safe Rooms That Exceed FEMA Standards

If you’re looking for in-ground storm shelters in Oklahoma or above-ground storm shelters in Norman, we’d be glad to assist you.

Contact us, and we’ll give you a free estimate and assist you in selecting a shelter that satisfies your safety requirements.

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