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A concrete storm shelter in Oklahoma City

Guidelines for Keeping Your Storm Shelter Clean and Well-Maintained

Since Oklahoma is a particularly tornado-prone state, many of its residents have the privilege—need to be more specific—of owning their own personal storm shelter. However, there are several challenges to dealing with the upkeep of any storm shelter, be it a garage shelter or an underground bunker.

Even though Oklahoma Shelters provides shelters with a 10-year warranty against leaks and corrosion and are designed to provide the utmost protection, you should still clean them regularly to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

When cleaning your shelter before and after a storm, it’s important to remember the following.

Get Rid of Any Extra Clutter or Items

Many people make use of their shelters as off-season storage areas. Although tornadoes can occur at any time of year, they are more prevalent in the spring, so this is not a major concern. However, you shouldn’t put off cleaning out your shelter until spring or the storm season.

If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, it’s a good idea to clean your storm shelter a few weeks before the season begins. We recommend avoiding storing anything huge or heavy in case you need to move it quickly.

Upgrade Your Safety And Emergency Kit

In the event of an emergency, every homeowner should prepare an emergency kit, including a full complement of first-aid supplies, nonperishable food items, and water. However, it’s crucial to replenish supplies of food and medicine before they expire (if they haven’t already been donated).

Again, this is not something you want to do in the middle of tornado season. Get ready ahead of time so you can act quickly and confidently when the moment comes.

Clean the Inside of the Storm Shelter

When you haven’t visited your storm shelter for a while, other critters may have taken up residence there. Remove any spider webs, dust, dirt, branches, leaves, or other debris that may have made its way inside.

It’s also important to keep the vents clean to ensure proper ventilation and prevent any injuries that could occur from contaminated air. Make sure to protect yourself with masks and gloves if you do any cleanup after a storm.

Get rid of any germs lurking around and give the place a fresh start by disinfecting the surfaces. This will aid in eliminating any germs or bacteria that may have taken up residence.

Clear The Area Of Any Obstructions

People often leave their cars parked directly in front of the door to their garage shelters or underground bunkers, so it’s best to plan ahead and move them. Park them so you can still get in and out of your shelter, and remove anything else blocking the doorway.

Cars parked above a garage shelter.

Order a storm shelter in Oklahoma City immediately if you don’t already have one. Tornadoes may strike anywhere at any moment, so it’s essential to take precautions to ensure your protection and the safety of those you care about.

We’re experts in building any safe room, from garage shelters to complex underground bunkers, concrete storm shelters, and more. Contact our team today to get one installed in your home.

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