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Why Edmond Residents Need Garage Shelters to Keep them Safe

Located in Oklahoma, Edmond is a small city that sees multiple tornadoes each year, some of which are incredibly powerful. Residents in town need to focus on their safety and protection, prioritizing their well-being above all else.

When a tornado strikes, it’s difficult to seek appropriate and protective shelter in your home or public spaces, which tend to be overcrowded anyway. Bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and hiding under furniture are scarcely a good idea because these spaces are prone to damage, falling debris, and suffering the impacts of the storm too.


If you’re based in Edmond, OK, you should consider investing in a garage shelter for your home for the following reasons:


They can be above ground or underground.

Both above ground and underground shelters offer the same kind of protection; it’s just the type of advantage each offers. While above-ground garage shelters can also be moved to other spaces such as closets, underground shelters become a permanent, but space-saving feature.

Garage Shelter

This means that as homeowners, you can choose which option works better for your long and short-term plans, including whether you plan to move elsewhere and would like to take the shelter along.


Garages can be multipurpose and multi-use spaces.

Often, garages double as storage spaces for many people, which means having a storm shelter in them adds another layer to their utility. Shelters in your garage can offer additional protection from intruders, and double as additional storage—so long as you’re still able to access them when the time comes.


Another factor that makes garages so convenient is their separate, private, and secure design. For many homes, garages are an extension of the home, cut off from public view, and fairly low lying for easy access, making them ideal spaces for your shelter.


They’re accessible to handicapped and senior family members.

This is particularly true for steel safety rooms and garage shelters that are above ground. Underground shelters can be difficult to access for the elderly and differently-abled family members, especially those with health conditions or those dependent on mobility aids such as crutches or wheelchairs. With strategically placed garage shelters, they can be fairly independent when trying to access the shelter.


They add value to your property.

When it comes to underground shelters, especially, the money you spent on installation and purchasing, as well as remodeling, is only a fraction of the boost your property gets. Should you move in the future, your home will be worth significantly more because of this one safety feature.


Ready to embrace tornado season with a sense of safety? Reach out to us today! We offer free estimates and evaluations, helping you find the right type of garage shelter.

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