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A dangerous tornado

Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Bunker For Bad Weather

Spring is scary for many Oklahomans, and it’s also a common time of the year for people to start creating weather safety plans. For most people, this means purchasing storm shelters. To help you understand how to do this better, here are some dos and don’ts of choosing a bunker for bad weather.

A dangerous tornado

Do Consider Underground Safety

A lot of people prefer to be underground when seeking shelter from a tornado. Being underground is extremely safe, but above-ground safe rooms are statistically just as safe and easy to use. An investigation led by The Texas Wind Institute about the 2013 Moore tornado determined that there were 13 safe rooms in the path of the EF-5 tornado.


These safe rooms made it through the storm intact, and no one inside was harmed. If your bunker meets FEMA standards and has received a passing grade with Tech’s Wind Institute testing, you’re good to go.

Ensure That Your Bunker Meets FEMA Guidelines

This has been a fundamental requirement since the 2013 Moore tornado. There are so many shelter companies out there due to the growing demand for storm shelters. Be very careful when choosing a company for your bunker—choose us for the job.

Our storm shelters are designed and built as per ICC-500, FEMA 320, and FEMA 321. We also provide you with blueprints of the shelters you wish to purchase, and these blueprints have a seal of approval.

Moreover, the company you choose must be certified by the Texas Tech Wind Institute. Certified shelter companies ensure that their construction meets the standards to survive a direct hit from a tornado. The impact tests need to be consistent with the Debris Impact requirement of ICC-500.

Don’t Choose a Bunker Company Without Research

Researching companies you’re interested in helps a lot. You can look online for reviews and check if the company is accredited with a business bureau. You can also ask the company for numbers of their past satisfied clients.

A wild tornado

Don’t pick a company to install your storm shelter just for their word.

Oklahoma Shelters provides FEMA-certified construction and installation for your home. Our expert technicians will ensure that your shelter is built according to your requirements and convenience. The shelters we offer include concrete storm shelters, safe rooms, underground bunkers, and more! Contact us today to build a shelter for yourself when it’s quiet before the storm.

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