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A tornado coming toward Oklahoma City.

Concrete Vs Steel Storm Shelter: Which One to Choose?

Are you thinking about investing in a storm shelter but are wondering which one to choose? Installing a storm shelter in your house would be a great way to prepare for the upcoming tornado season. It will help you protect your family and valuables during severe weather.

The material you choose depends upon your preferences and how you would want to install it. Read ahead to compare both of them to help you decide.

A tornado hit Oklahoma City and destroyed all buildings.

Concrete Storm Shelter

Concrete is one of the most common materials used in shelters. It is quite heavy and becomes less movable during high winds. It doesn’t require many anchorages with additional fixtures and installation.

Steel Storm Shelter

Steel is a very strong material that can resist penetration. It will help you save space when you’re installing the storm shelter, and the process is quite simple as well. There is a misconception that during lightning and thunderstorms, a steel shelter might be dangerous; however, it is safe to take refuge inside it during such weather as well.

Concrete Vs Steel Storm Shelter

1.      Cost Of The Storm Shelter

You need to take into account the cost of the material, the total expenses when you install it and the repair costs.

Concrete storm shelters are relatively cheaper than steel ones, but concrete is quite brittle and can easily crack. It will also allow moisture to sleep inside, rendering it unsafe during heavy rain or flooding.

Steel safe rooms have rigid walls and are resistant to moisture; however, they’re quite expensive to install. Their extensive lifespan can make it economical for you in the long run.

2.      Above The Ground Or Under The Ground Shelter

If you want to install an underground bunker, you can choose concrete as it is a more reasonable choice. Steel is a better option if you want an above the ground shelter that is easily accessible at any time and can withstand damage during a severe tornado.

3.    Outdoor Or Indoor Storm Shelter

Usually, concrete is used in outdoor storm shelters as it is installed in the backyard. You can give it more depth because they’re heavier, which is why it wouldn’t be suitable for an indoor setting.

Steel storm shelters can be installed either indoors or outdoors as they don’t require much space or much work to be done on them.

A tornado hit Oklahoma City and destroyed all buildings.

You can contact us to build concrete or steel storm shelters in Oklahoma, and our team can guide you regarding the suitable location of your shelter. All our shelters meet the FEMA 320 and ICC-500 standards, and you can also customize yours according to your preferences.

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