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Tornado hitting a city.

4 Worst Tornadoes in US History

Did you know the US gets more tornadoes every year than Australia, Canada, and all European countries combined? On average, approximately 800 tornadoes are recorded every year that cause an estimated 1200 injuries and 80 fatalities.

These whopping numbers are observed because the US has the perfect conditions for supercell storms that cause tornadoes. In the south, the Gulf of Mexico gives equatorial warm and moist air, while the Rocky Mountains give cold and dry air up north. The low-pressure system between the two regions pulls the warm and cold air to cause tornadoes.

All the states on this belt are most prone to getting tornadoes, and this entire belt is loosely marked as the Tornado Alley. While some states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma get frequent tornadoes, others like Alabama, Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa get fewer but deadlier tornadoes.

In this blog, we’ll list some of the worst tornadoes in US history. Keep reading to find out.

1. The Tri-State Tornado of 1925

On March 18, 1925, the deadliest tornado in US history hit Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. This EF5 tornado spread over 219 miles and lasted for approximately 3.5 hours. It was part of the Tri-State Tornado Outbreak in these three states, reportedly killing 747 people.

2. Joplin Tornado in 2011

On May 22nd, 2011, the single most expensive tornado in US history hit Joplin, Missouri, destroying at least 10 to 20 percent of the city. This EF5 tornado took the lives of 150 people and affected 7000 homes across the city with approximately 2000 other public structures. It’s estimated that the insurance companies had to pay more than $2.8 billion for damages caused by this tornado.

3. The El Reno Tornado

In 2013, the fastest tornado was observed in EL Reno, Oklahoma, which had a maximum wind speed of 302 mph and was about 2.6 miles wide. Many famous storm chasers, such as Richard Henderson and Tim Samaras, lost their lives trying to capture the magnitude of this fastest and widest tornado.

Tornado forming over an open field

4. The Super Outbreak of 2011

Between 27th and 28th April 2011, the “super outbreak” of tornadoes was observed in parts of the US and Canada. The storm system that caused the outbreak resulted in 360 tornadoes. The outbreak killed 342 people and caused damages worth $10.1 billion.

All the places that have been the most affected by these tornadoes are still the most susceptible to getting more tornadoes because of their geographical location. If you live in a state in the Tornado Alley, you should consider getting a storm and tornado shelters for your house.

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