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An above-ground storm shelter.

3 Important Above-Ground Shelter Features

Storms and tornadoes are unpredictable, and it’s best to be prepared in advance to save yourself and your family from any dangerous situation. Extreme weather conditions can destroy even the most robust of structures, and it can be hard to seek shelter when a storm hits.

This is why investing in an above-ground shelter is beneficial since it serves as a safe haven for you and your loved ones during cataclysmic times.

If you’re someone who’s considering getting an above-ground shelter, it’s best to learn about all of its features to maximize your safety.

Read ahead to learn three important features of above-ground shelters.

1. High Wind-Resistance

According to a report, the strongest wind speed that was recorded for a tornado was about 300 miles per hour. This is why investing in a shelter that is engineered to handle this type of wind speed is essential for your protection.

An above-ground shelter is built with expanding bolts that properly anchor it to a concrete slab, so it stands firmly on the ground. It should be made with high-quality metal like carbon steel which is not only durable but an affordable material. It can function and withstand strong winds for a very long time.

2. Accessible

A gray concrete storm shelter

Setting up a space that protects you from adverse weather conditions is one thing but making sure that this space is accessible at a moment’s notice is even more important.

An above-ground safety shelter is perfect for this purpose because, unlike underground shelters, this space is easy to find and rush to at the time of an emergency.

3. Modular Design and Proper Air Circulation

Modular storm shelter designs are made with structural components and panels. They can be easily installed indoors or in a basement and are much more convenient than shelters that are built as a single unit.

Another important thing to remember is air circulation. The shelter you invest in must allow fresh air to enter even if the vents are closed due to debris.

Searching for reliable safety shelters in Oklahoma? Reach out to us today at Oklahoma Shelters.

We design and provide high-quality custom storm shelters that will safeguard you and your family. Our range of products includes safe rooms, underground bunkers, concrete storm shelters, and garage shelters.

Our shelters exceed FEMA standards and ensure that you and your family are protected in a catastrophic situation.

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