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A garage shelter installed by Oklahoma Shelters inside a house in Oklahoma

3 Different Ways A Garage Shelter Can Be Used

If you live in one of the suburbs of Oklahoma City, where there are higher chances for tornadoes and storms, you might have a garage shelter, or you might be thinking of installing a garage shelter on your property.

Garage shelters are small, portable, and versatile and can be used for various purposes. Here are some different ways you can use a garage shelter to get the maximum benefit from them.

A safe room during a storm

Using a garage shelter as a safe room during a storm is the best use for it. Garage shelters are built from either steel or concrete, and they’re designed to be durable and offer maximum protection during a storm.

The reinforced walls and floor of a garage shelter will protect you from high winds during a tornado and from flying debris, which can cause significant harm.

Protecting vehicles from weather damage

Due to garage shelters’ portable nature, they’re quick and easy to install and equally easy to take down. You can use the garage shelter on your property to store your vehicles and protect them from the harsh climate.

Garage shelters offer protection to your vehicles from rain, sun, and snow. The outdoor elements can often damage the exterior of the vehicles and cause corrosion or rust. If you store your cars, bicycles, and even speedboats inside your garage shelter, the structure will protect them from harmful sun’s rays or a torrential downpour.

An underground garage shelter inside a garage in Oklahoma

Storing equipment

The multipurpose nature of garage shelters allows them to store small and big equipment such as sports gear, garden tools, children’s toys, etc.

A garage shelter is an ideal place to use as a storage room for things that are occupying space inside your house. You can organize your garage shelter and put different equipment into boxes to store inside the shelter.

If you’re looking for a company to install a garage shelter at your property in Oklahoma, get in touch with Oklahoma shelters. We provide ready to install underground garage shelters that meet and exceed FEMA standards. Our garage shelters are reinforced with concrete flooring and concrete walls, which provide maximum protection during a storm.

Our company has an expert team who’ll cut the slab, dig the hole, and install the underground garage shelter in your chosen location. Call us at 405-367-7901 and benefit from the multiple uses of a garage shelter.

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