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Our Goals

Protect your family

At Oklahoma Shelters we provide custom Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms to protect you and your family from the most dangerous Tornados and Oklahoma Storms. We build each of our Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms to exceed FEMA standards. You and your family deserve to be safe when tragedy strikes. Let the professional staff at Oklahoma Shelters help you with your Storm Shelter or Safe Room.

Stay storm safe

In Oklahoma Tornadoes often do strike in an instant. Tornado safety begins with having a pre-determined plan. At Oklahoma Shelters we have been instrumental in developing state-of-the-art Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms for protection against Tornadoes. Let the professional staff at Oklahoma Shelters help you with your Storm Shelter or Safe Room.

Best value

When an F5 tornado is barreling towards you, the last thing you want is to be in a shelter that was built or installed by the lowest bidder. But you also don’t want to waste money. So how do you ensure you are getting the absolute best value for your dollar? Simple, contact one of our Oklahoma Storm Shelter professionals for a free consultation.


What Oklahoma Storm Shelter is best for me

In choosing a Storm Shelter or Safe Room there are several things to consider.

Click on this link and we will give you some things to think about when you are deciding on a Storm Shelter.

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120 Storm Shelter for PHA

Storm Shelter Oklahoma Shelters installs several types of Storm Shelter. We took on a project for the Peoria Housing Authority to install 120 Storm Shelter. Our Storm Shelter is rated for and EF5 Tornado. They meet or exceed FEMA Guidelines. Click on this link to see the full article 120 Storm Shelters installed for the Peoria

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Storm Shelter OKC

Storm Shelter OKC At Oklahoma Shelters we can help you with your Storm Shelter OKC needs and any questions you might have.  Tornado season is all year long. They have hit in every month in Oklahoma.  In January 2017 many Tornadoes have already hit in the United States.  On January 2 a Tornado hit Olive

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Customer Review’s

Storm Shelter Review from some of our customers. Below are some Storm Shelter Review from some of our customers.  At Oklahoma Shelters we use Our Employee’s to install our products.  That way each Shelter is installed the same way and always look good after the install.  The Storm Shelter Review’s below are exactly what they

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OKC Storm Shelters

OKC Storm Shelters OKC Storm Shelters The single most asked question we receive here for our OKC Storm Shelters at Oklahoma Shelters is: What is the cost? We have Storm Shelters starting at $2400 plus installation and delivery. All of our OKC Storm Shelters meet FEMA requirements. We have install dates within the next 7

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Tornado Shelter OKC

Tornado Shelter OKC We build our Tornado Shelter OKC and our employees do the installs.  Below are pictures of an Underground Tornado Shelter OKC that we installed. Our installation crew will get there about 7:30 in the morning.  The installation of a Tornado Shelter OKC in the garage takes about 4 hours.  We will cut

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Photos for Underground Bunkers

Some More Underground Bunkers Pictures You  can  call  us  at   405-367-7901   from  7am-10pm  every  day. Underground Bunkers will protect you and your family against Tornadoes. Our Underground Bunkers are custom built. They can be made with Steel or Concrete.  We design each bunker to meet your needs. Underground Steel Bunker 8’x6’x6’H to 8’x25’x6’H (we can make

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