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Why You Need a Storm Shelter for Your Home

In 2019, Accuweather estimated a total of $22 billion worth of damages caused by storms in the US.

With hurricanes and tornadoes getting more destructive year after year, homeowners in hurricane and tornado-prone locations must think about adding a storm shelter to their property.

It Increases the Value of Your Home

It’s true, storm shelters aren’t cheap, that’s because they’re an investment. Putting your money to install a storm shelter has several perks; not only will a storm shelter keep you and your family safe, but it will also hike up your property value.

Storm shelters provide you with a net benefit by increasing the value of your property—especially in areas that are prone to hurricanes and tornadoes.

In Oklahoma, real estate agents claim that a safe room or a tornado shelter can increase the value of a house. If you take into consideration the safety benefits of a tornado shelter, along with its effect on your property value, then it’s clear to see that it pays for itself. It’s a worthy investment.


It Provides Protection Against the Worst Storms

If you’re still pondering over the cost of a tornado shelter or a safe room, think about how much you will lose in damages in case a tornado happens to hit your property. An EF5 tornado has the power to flip cars and tear apart homes—you don’t want to rely on your house walls to protect you.

Our Tornado shelters undergo a range of impact tests so you can take refuge in them knowing that you’re safe. No matter how much debris is flung your way by winds exceeding speeds of 200 mph, a high-quality tornado shelter will not be affected.

They’re Easy to Install

It’s understandable that homeowners avoid making changes to their property; whether you’re taking on a remodeling project or are building additional rooms, making structural modifications to your property takes time.

Fortunately, installing a tornado shelter or a safe room is quite easy. Building an underground storm shelter below your garage won’t take longer than 2–3 days. You just need to make sure to hire an experienced company.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we have a team of experts that can build reliable and durable storm shelters and safe rooms in a short amount of time.

With over 7 years of experience, we’ve built safety structures for commercial and residential buildings across OKC. All our concrete shelters, underground garage shelters, underground bunkers as well as safe rooms meet FEMA’s standards and protect users from EF5 tornadoes.

We’ve had the pleasure of building storm shelters Oklahoma and safe rooms for renowned organizations like FEMA, Salvation Army, Red Cross, The Indian Nations, etc. Our team installs the storm shelters and we don’t hire any subcontractors to do the job.

Call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation.

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