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Home wreckage after a tornado

Why Should You Invest in Community Shelters?

It’s challenging for the sturdiest structures out there to withstand the ferocity of a tornado. Special grade shelters must meet strict standards to persevere in the face of natural calamities. Many community shelters take responsibility to meet these standards and provide shelter to those who need it.

However, community shelters often require financial assistance from several sources to make do. It would help if you invest a bit in storm shelters because they’re an essential presence in our community.

a tornado wreaking havoc on a farm

Storms Are Getting Worse

Scientists believe Oklahoma’s weather is bound to become more extreme in the coming years. The concentration of greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere makes the weather more humid and creates a breeding ground for tornados.

Previous Public Shelters Aren’t Accessible

Laws and policies have been passed, which makes some places inaccessible in times of emergencies. It’s been declared that some schools and public places don’t meet the FEMA standards for tornado shelters and therefore cannot allow outsiders to seek refuge in them during a storm.

Home wreckage after a tornado

Most Institutions Aren’t Protected

An alarming amount of institutions like public schools aren’t equipped with sturdy tornado shelters. It’s a deplorable state of affairs and all the more reason for people to work together as a community and provide financial assistance to public shelters.

Few houses have basements and robust storm shelters, and it’s nearly impossible for houses with multiple windows to withstand a tornado.

Your hard-earned money will play a part in helping community shelters become more accessible and accommodating.

Disaster Strikes Unannounced

Hurricanes and tornadoes often hit hot-spot areas like Oklahoma unannounced. You may get forecast warnings a few days in advance, but often that isn’t enough time for people to gather their essentials and loved ones and move to a safe location.

Storm and tornado shelters are well-equipped and meet FEMA standards for shelters to protect residents to the best of their ability. It would help if you donated to a shelter every once in a while so shelters can gather more supplies and increase their capacity. You never know when you’ll need to seek shelter there.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we develop state-of-the-art shelter rooms that can withstand tornados. We have many storm shelters and safe rooms available for people to seek refuge in during a storm.

We also provide concrete shelters, garage shelters, steel safe rooms, underground bunkers, community shelters, and more. You can let us know what you need, and our experts will install FEMA standard shelters in your home.

You can get in touch with us to learn more about what we do.

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