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Tornado Hitting A Brown Field

Top 5 Things you Must Have in Your Storm Shelter

This year 25 tornadoes have hit Oklahoma already. You should be prepared for the grave repercussions of the natural disaster.

However, preparing a storm shelter in Norman and other areas surrounding it sounds so overwhelming that people often tend to overlook what items they must have in it.

We’re here to make it easy for you and help you stay vigilant. This blog will list everything you shouldn’t forget to have in your storm shelter.

But it is advisable that you stock a bit extra than required, because after all, who can predict mother nature? It’s better to prepare yourself for the worst. However, the amount of stuff you choose to store will also depend on the size of your storm shelter. Here are some items you must keep in your storm shelter:

Tornado Hitting A Brown Field

Important Documents

People often only think of what they will need to survive through the tornado and forget about the long-term impacts. But it’s crucial to take important documents, property papers, passports to the storm shelter with you. You should keep it in a folder to save yourself from the last-minute hassle. Otherwise, you could lose them forever.

Food Essentials

During all the chaos, you will need food and water to get through your stay in good health. You should stock food items that wouldn’t rot over time.

If you have pets, make sure that you store food items for them as well.

Medications and First Aid

There is always a chance of injury during natural disasters. Don’t forget to keep a first aid kit in case of an emergency. Moreover, if anyone in your family takes medication daily for health conditions like diabetes, anxiety, make sure to pack them too.

Technical Items

It’s definitely going to be dark in there, and it will seem a lot more suffocating. In order to avoid that, you should pack up some extra batteries, LED lights, and torches. Moreover, you should preferably keep a radio to keep track of the weather forecast and situation outside.  Don’t forget your power banks, internet devices, and phone chargers.

Blankets and Clothing

You never know how long would the storm last. You should keep extra clothes, especially if you have kids. Moreover, ensure to pack other essential items for your children, such as powdered milk, pampers, etc.

Even the thought of a tornado seems too scary, but to maintain your calm, you must be able to sleep well. Pack your pillows and blankets to stay warm and prevent any further inconvenience.  It might help you get through the trouble.

An underground garage shelter installed by Oklahoma Shelters

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We make customized safe rooms that you can have installed at your home or workplace. Our shelters meet the standard of the FEMA guidelines, and we provide a ten-year warranty.

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