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A child learning about where tornado winds originate from.

Talking To Your Kids About Tornadoes: Everything You Should Know

Hearing about the weather situation in Oklahoma is devastating, to say the least. What we often don’t realize is how our children respond and digest this news. From seeing distressing pictures on the television, overhearing mom and dad’s conversations, or simply discussing it with their friends at school, children are curious beings who find ways to learn about the calamities of nature. Some news can affect your child in ways unknown; this is why it’s best to educate them about these situations so they know how to channel their thoughts and feelings.

What Is A Tornado? 

A child learning about where tornado winds originate from.

When teaching your child about a tornado, make sure you make the lesson fun and engaging, so they’re involved and stay focused. Use age-appropriate terms so that they understand everything you tell them. You can even go on Youtube to find child-friendly educational videos about tornadoes. Other sites like Weather WizKids offer a great insight into tornadoes and everything related to them. Another fun idea is drawing out the entire process into different steps and ask them to color each step while explaining it to them.

An illustration of a tornado to explain children.

How To Know A Tornado Is Approaching?

Your child should be able to know common weather signs that lead up to a tornado. When it gets stormy, go over the emergency plan with them to ensure they know what to do, and the process doesn’t feel too overwhelming. You can even call a few of their friends over and teach the group together; learning is always fun with friends around! 

What Is The Safety Plan?

If you live in Oklahoma or any city in Tornado Alley, a shelter is a must. Some children might not like the idea of staying locked in a room for days. This is why we recommend doing test-runs often, so they get used to the idea of leaving everything and running into the safe room. You can keep some of their toys or coloring books in the safe room, so they look forward to spending some time there. 

Your family’s safety is your responsibility; a safe room will ensure complete protection during deadly tornadoes. Oklahoma Shelters has over seven years of experience in installing storm shelters in OKC. We have tons of storm shelters, including underground cement shelters, garage shelters, concrete shelters, and safe rooms. Don’t wait any longer; give us a call today at 405-367-7901 for a free quote.

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