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Should You Choose a Concrete Storm Shelter?

Once you’ve decided to invest in your family’s safety against storms and tornadoes, it’s time to determine which shelter will work the best for you. Most people rely on concrete shelters for ultimate security. Read on to learn why it’s an excellent idea to pick a concrete storm shelter.

Storm & Tornado Resistance

Shelters and safe rooms aim to protect people against the dangers of storms, hurricanes, tornados, and other weather-related conditions. Purchasing a concrete storm shelter is a significant step towards ensuring optimum safety. It’ll act as a barrier against strong winds, floods, flying debris, and other weather forms while providing you and your family with the much-needed shelter until things get better.

Most concrete shelters come with a fiber mesh, concrete walls, and stairs with steel bars to provide everyone with enough support to ensure maximum safety.

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Safety & Convenience

Time is money when you get a sudden tornado or storm warning by your town’s weather officials. Most experts recommend heading towards a safe zone calmly and as quickly as possible instead of wasting time panicking.

Shelter companies can install concrete storm shelters anywhere. In fact, you can also build partially above and below the ground to allow easy access inside the bunker or shelter as soon as you receive a weather alert. Similarly, these shelters have the perfect height to let the occupants exit quickly once the storm subsides.


Many people who struggle with breathing issues are often skeptical about going into an underground shelter due to the fear of ventilation. Fortunately, concrete storm shelters are constructed in a way that allows the vents to induce a sufficient amount of air pressure to maintain suitable oxygen levels. The shelter’s ventilation doesn’t mean it compromises the unit’s overall safety.

While you can always choose a concrete storm shelter with one vent, it’s better to pick one with two vents for maximum comfort and increased air circulation throughout the space. Furthermore, multiple vents are an excellent shelter maintenance strategy because they prevent mold and mildew inside the bunker.

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At Oklahoma Shelters, we prioritize our customers’ safety and comfort during harsh weather conditions by offering a wide range of shelters and safe rooms, including concrete shelters, steel safe rooms, garage shelters, underground bunkers, community shelters, and more. Our experts can build and install your house’s storm shelters according to your preferences. Get in touch with us to learn more today!

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