Oklahoma City Storm Shelters

Oklahoma City Storm Shelters
Oklahoma city storm shelters is in Oklahoma. If you see tornadoes in the US. You will see that Oklahoma City has the most tornadoes.
Oklahoma City is the capital. Oklahoma has the most tornadoes in May. This month has a lot of tornadoes. Because of warm and cold weather patterns.  April also has the most. Then May. Next is June. Most of the them happen in these months. Tornadoes start earlier every year in Oklahoma. April is the peak month for tornadoes.
As for Tornadoes in Oklahoma City.  In April there were 27 Tornadoes and 18 of them were F2 or larger. Five of the these storms that caused the most damage were in April. To protect you against these storms we recommend an Oklahoma City Storm Shelters.
Since the year 1999. Five tornadoes were in the month of May.  Tornadoes don’t happen as much in the summer. And even less in the autumn months.  Tornadoes happen less in the winter. There was a Tornado in November 2014.

Oklahoma City Storm Shelters

In Oklahoma tornadoes happen a lot. And more in the spring time. The storm that happened on May 3, 1999 was very bad. There were over 70 Tornadoes on May 3rd. This was in a 21 hour period.  The Tornado traveled in and around Oklahoma City. This storm caused a lot of damage.
One of the tornadoes that happened was the largest ever seen. This tornado damaged some of the very same places. That were damaged on Monday.  The winds got as high as 318 mph.  The winds were the highest winds ever recorded.
At Oklahoma Shelters we can help protect you against Tornadoes with an Oklahoma City Storm Shelters.  For your protection. We recommend a Storm Shelter.  This shelter is underground. We also can also install a Safe Room. If you have any questions. Call us for a free consultation at 405-367-7901

Stay Safe And Protect Your Family From Frequent Tornadoes In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is known for its frequent tornado activity, experiencing over 160 tornados in a little over a hundred

years. Ranging from intense F5 tornados to less severe F0 ones, Oklahoma City’s residents need to be prepared for the numerous, destructive tornadoes that are often barreling through the city.

Experiencing 13 violent tornadoes, with the most recent one in 2013, it’s evident that being prepared for an extreme storm is imperative to your family’s safety. Being situated in the heart of Tornado Alley, fatalities, injuries, and damage to property are common outcomes of the various tornadoes experienced by the city.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we believe in taking the necessary precautions to ensure you and your loved ones aren’t caught off guard by a tornado. The flying debris and strong winds can cause bodily harm and damage to your personal possessions if you don’t have an emergency plan in place.

As one of the most reputable storm shelter manufacturers and installers in Oklahoma City, we offer custom solutions to provide you with the protection you need. Each of our storm shelters and safe rooms is made with premium materials and the highest structural integrity, exceeding FEMA’s requirements and setting us apart from the rest.

Our turnkey storm shelter solutions include various types, each of which can be made to your custom specifications. We build steel safe rooms, underground bunkers, garage shelters, and concrete storm shelters to give you and your family the peace of mind you need. Depending on your needs, you can choose a storm and tornado shelter that is best suited to your home or business.

Our underground and garage shelters offer space-saving alternatives, while the steel safe rooms and concrete storm shelters can be installed anywhere inside or outside your property.

Oklahoma Shelters’ commitment to excellence and dedication to your family’s safety ensures each of our custom shelters is built with the highest quality materials. Constructed by experienced engineers using state-of-the-art systems, our shelters have been tested to withstand the frequent F5 tornadoes experienced by Oklahoma City.

Living in one of the most tornado-prone cities in the country, it’s vital to have a survival plan in place. With Oklahoma Shelters, you can ensure your family’s safety even during the most severe tornadoes—and right on your own property!

Invest in your family’s safe and healthy future by choosing from our various storm shelter options. Get started by calling us at 405-367-7901 for a free and no-obligation consultation today.

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