Moore Oklahoma is a city in Oklahoma.

Moore Oklahoma is located in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.  It is part of the Oklahoma City area.  The population was 55,081 at the 2010 census.  Moore the seventh largest city in the state of Oklahoma.
It is located between Oklahoma City and Norman.  Moore has been the site of several tornadoes.  The Tornadoes that occurred in 1999 and 2013 had national coverage. The city was damaged other tornadoes in 1998, 2003, and 2010.
On Monday May 20, 2013 a large tornado struck the city of Moore Oklahoma.  It killed dozens of people.  The Oklahoma City suburb was struck by major tornadoes in 1998, 1999, 2003, and 2010.  People often wonder if there is something about Moore that attracts these storms. Not that we know of.  The city of Moore Oklahoma is in Tornado Alley.  This is a area with warm moist air at ground level. It often combines with cooler air and a high jet stream, makes thunderstorms and tornadoes very common. This happens more often in spring.

Moore Oklahoma

There is nothing specific about Moore that makes it more likely to large tornadoes. Oklahoma City is 10 miles to the north.  Norman is 10 miles to the south.  Chickasha is 35 miles southwest.  Seminole is 50 miles east.  Where a massive tornado touches down appears to be largely a matter of chance.
Data from the National Weather Service shows these things.  The city of Moore should only have one tornado of size F2 or larger every 2,000 to 5,000 years. The recent storms and tornadoes may be a fluke. Reliable tornado records stretch back only to the 1950s. Large tornadoes are a rare event.
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Storm shelter professionals at your service in Moore, Oklahoma

Moore is one of the fastest-growing cities in Oklahoma owing to a wide variety of employment opportunities and entertainment centers that keep the residents of the city busy and bustling.  Whether you’re in the mood for some fine dining with your partner, want to spend a laidback weekend by the pool, or want to immerse yourself in rich, theatrical experiences, Moore has it all for you.

Unfortunately, the vibrant city isn’t without its shortcomings. According to the National Weather Service, Moore has been hit by 23 tornadoes to date since the 1800s. While the numbers may be lesser than what other cities in the state of Oklahoma had to bear with, it’s still imperative that residents of the great city take necessary precautions in the face of loud howling winds, and rubble flying around causing damage and destruction.

What makes tornadoes so daunting is the risk it poses to life. Even if individuals take refuge in a make-shift shelter, there’s no guarantee that they’ll come out of the storm unscathed. What’s even more troubling is the fact that the city is prone to extreme weather conditions where tornadoes and storms can hit anytime. This unpredictability can be detrimental to many, but not if they take necessary safety precautions—such as installing durable storm shelters in Moore to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

At Oklahoma Shelters, we believe that the best strategy to overcome challenges is to be prepared for them in advance. If you’re a resident of Moore, it’s only right that you’re prepared for a tornado’s immediate onset and have a plan in place for when the strong winds come barging in. This is where we come in.

Being the leading manufacturers and installers of shelter homes in Oklahoma, we’ve been helping families in Moore and surrounding areas prepare for their safety and well-being to face the frequent tornadoes that may hit their homes and property. With extensive experience in the industry and a team of highly-skilled engineers, we’ve become the leading providers of custom storm shelter solutions in Moore, Oklahoma.

We provide various types of storm shelters in Moore, including concrete storm shelters, garage shelters, underground bunkers, and steel safe rooms. Our services extend to residential properties and commercial facilities. Whether you want to lessen the destruction that befalls on your office equipment during a tornado or want to keep your family safe at home, our qualified engineers will create customized storm shelters based on your unique needs.

Dedication to providing quality services and unmatched skills are the hallmark of our storm shelter company in Moore. By exceeding FEMA standards and passing the Texas Tech Impact Test with flying colors, we’ve helped countless clients get storm shelters that withstand even the most severe F5 tornadoes.

In addition to our certified designs and high-quality materials, we strive for prompt installation to serve the safety needs of Moore citizens. Take the necessary steps toward the safety of your loved one and don’t get caught off guard by installing storm shelters today! Contact us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation to discuss your options with us.

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