El Reno was hit by a multiple-vortex tornado on May 31, 2013.

The Weather Channel’s Mike Bettes was in this storm and luckily he survived it.

The tornado that hit El Reno Oklahoma was on Friday May, 31, 2013.  It became the largest recorded tornado that hit in the US according to the National Weather Service office in Norman. The storm grew to 2.6 miles wide.

New information about the tornado was released and it had an update on the death toll from the storm system. It created damage on a large path of Oklahoma. The state medical examiner raised the count of people killed. By tornadoes and flooding to 19 people.

The El Reno tornado had the rating of an EF5. The weather agency reported that the winds reached 295 miles an hour.  This tornado was double the width of the May 20 tornado in Moore Oklahoma according to the Oklahoma City channel 4 News. The F-4 in Nebraska tornado that hit on May 22, 2004. Was the previous widest tornado on record. It was 2.5 miles wide.

The El Reno tornado lasted about 40 minutes. The tornado was on land for about 16 miles according to the agency.  The 11-day span between the El Reno storm and the May 20 tornado that devastated a large portion of Moore. Was the shortest time span between EF5 tornadoes in Oklahoma history according to the National Weather Service.

The town is famous for its Fried Onion Burger Day Festival. It is always on the 1st Saturday in May. Burger Day is where you can see the cooking of the world’s largest fried onion hamburger. It weighs over 850 pounds.

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