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Trees and power lines during a tornado

6 Precautionary Steps to Stay Safe from Tornado

Dark, auburn sky. Black clouds overcast. Wildly swirling columns of wind — heralds a tornado!

Tornadoes are one of the deadliest natural calamities that hit the United States multiple times annually. Every state has more or less experienced these violent twisters, with Texas recording an average of about 120 tornadoes a year!

They’re characterized by strong funnels hitting the ground with base-ball-sized hails and thundering noises, tearing up everything in their way. In this blog, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to stay safe from a tornado!

Trees and power lines during a tornado

How to Prepare in Advance for Tornadoes?

Once you’ve received a tornado warning, here are some steps to prepare in advance for it.

1. Protect Your Family

  • Stay informed by listening to the latest updates on mobile phones or other devices;
  • Communicate information about the expected tornado to all your family members;
  • Keep children indoors, prepare an emergency kit, and restock items short in supply.

2. Protect Your Pets

  • Lock windows and seal the doors to ensure your pets remain indoors.

3. Protect Your Home

  • If trees surround your home, consider trimming their long, loose branches;
  • If you’ve got window shutters, open them to strengthen your defense;
  • Remove any debris and other junk from your backyard.
Tornado on the far side of plain

6 Precautionary Steps to Take During Tornadoes

Once the tornado hits, here’s how you can protect yourself.

If You Are Inside

  1. In homes or any other residential building, hide inside a basement or storm cellar. If there is no basement, secure yourselves in the center-most room away from windows, doors, or other apertures;
  2. In schools, hospitals, or high-rise buildings, move to the lowest floor and keep the windows locked.

If You Are Outside

  1. Seek shelter in a nearby building;
  2. If there’s no shelter, hide in a vehicle. Put your head down and cover it with a cushion or a blanket;
  3. If there’s no vehicle, lie straight on a low-lying surface. Cover your head with your arms and close your eyes;
  4. Finally, don’t rush toward an overpass or a bridge. You’re safe as long you’re lying straight on a flat surface.

What to Do After a Tornado? 

Here are some measures that you should take once the tornado subsides.

  • Stay updated with the latest news and return home safely;
  • If you’re trapped somewhere, contact 911 for help;
  • If you’ve sustained injuries, get first aid; and
  • Don’t consume food or drinks damaged by the storm.

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