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Shelter for a family

5 Essential Underground Bunker Supplies

The underground might be the only place where you can have your privacy secure.

But this is just a salient point on underground living and all that it brings. If disaster strikes, we have to be ready for anything to ensure we have access to basic amenities of life.

Here’s everything that you need to ensure that your family stays safe during a raging tornado or hurricane.

Standby Generator and Fuel

With a full structure to support a family, you will need a power source to survive and stay as comfortable as possible. Having standby power with a generator would do just that.

To support the AC and ventilation system as well as the fridge or freezer, a generator is a must if the power goes out.  Moreover, stocking the standby generator with fuel is essential to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Shelter for a family

AC and Ventilation System

If you can afford it, you can have an air conditioning unit installed. To regulate ambient temperature for a family, pick out the best-suited specs. But if you live in an open area with plenty of airflow, you can have natural ventilation.

Food and Water supply

Canned and other imperishable food has to be at the top of the list to fulfill dietary needs. If you have a fridge or a freezer, the options expand greatly. Moreover, ensure that clean, running water is available at all times.

Stock up your bunker with bottled water as well.


Communication is important with the outside world.

In case of shutdowns or delays in search and rescue, make sure you have a radio that can broadcast on local frequency. This can be a life-saving equipment if the worst would come to pass.

The local authorities can pick up your signal since they will be scanning for anyone who needs help.

First Aid Kit and Common Medical Supply

Keep basic medical supplies in the storm shelter or safe room. The first thing that should be on your list when resupplying the shelter is a first aid kit.

Moreover, ensure that you’re well-stocked with essential medical supplies and your prescribed medication.

Underground shelter in a garage

Fridge and Freezer

This depends on your budget more than it does on the need for it. Of course, you do need a fridge or freezer in case you have other foods that you can keep long-term. And meat will have to be stored in the freezer.

However, this will require more money, space, and power.

For well ready-made survival kits, Red Cross and Costco have a wide variety of options for you. Depending on how much you can spend, these kits range from $7.19 to upwards of $300.

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