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An outdoor safe room for storms in Oklahoma.

3 Basic Elements of a Safe Room Design in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is known for its raging thunderstorms and history of destructive tornados. These have not only claimed the thousands of lives but have uprooted homes and businesses, leaving the survivors with nothing.

This is why you’ll find a safe room or storm shelter in almost every home in Oaklahoma, as residents take safety and security very seriously. If you’re new to the city or are considering building a safe room in your house, here’s everything you need to know: 

An outdoor safe room for storms in Oklahoma.

What Is A Safe Room?

As the name suggests, a safe room is specially designed to provide safety and functionality during a natural disaster. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, or thunderstorm, these safe rooms keep you and your family safe until the air clears out. This room isn’t just any other room of your house; it needs to be built following a specific guideline set by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.) If designed accordingly, these safe rooms can protect you from the raging winds of an EF-5 tornado. Safe rooms can be built on the main floor, basement, or even as a standalone. 

A spacious safe room for tornados in Oklahoma.

What Are Some Of The Requirements?

  1. The Walls Needs To Be Made From Reinforced Concrete

The wind speed of an EF-5 tornado is 200 mph (322 km/h)! This means the walls of the safe room should be strong enough to withstand winds of this velocity. The concrete will be poured into slabs containing steel grids which double its strength.

  • The Doors Should Have A Special Locking System 

If your safe room’s door isn’t stable, it will allow debris to puncture through. The door must exceed the ICC 500 standards and has to be re-tested time and time again to ensure it can withstand the pressure and impact of a tornado. Along with the door body, other components such as locks and hinges should be of the highest quality to be fully functional during dangerous times.

  • The Room Should be Well Lit and Have Proper Circulation

You might have to stay in this shelter for two to four days straight; this is why proper lighting and air are essential to make things feel normal and reduce anxiety. Some safe rooms even have a mini generator for power in case of power failure. Another thing to keep in mind is the vents’ design; you must ensure that no water or debris enters the room via the vent. 

A safe room doesn’t have to be small; you can design a spacious room to fit your entire family comfortably. AtOklahoma Shelters, our experts can help design a safe room that meets your needs and requirements. We’ve been in the business for over seven years, installing storm shelters for residents in OKC. We offer various storm shelters, including concrete shelters, underground cement shelters, garage shelters, and safe rooms that meet FEMA’s standards.

Call us at 405-367-7901 for a free quote.

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