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Safe Room for an EF5 Tornado

Safe Room

At Oklahoma Shelters we provide Safe Room and Underground Steel Bunkers in Oklahoma and Texas.

Our Safe Rooms and Underground Steel Bunkers meet and exceed FEMA guidelines.  Each is rated to withstand the force of a F5 Tornado.

They are installed above ground and comes with a 36″ foot door. That size makes it wheelchair accessible. The Safe Rooms can be put installed inside or outside. Most of these are installed in the garage and each is custom built.  When you place your order we will ask you where you want the door. Where you want the hinges and how you want the door to open. Basically which side you want the handle and hinges. We will also makes cut outs if you would like to put in an extension code so you can have power in it. We still recommend that you have battery operated lights for the Safe Room.

When you call us we will help you with your decision. On what size Safe Room will be a good fit for your family. When you place an order for a Safe Room. It typically takes about 7 to 10 days to build and install it. When the Safe Room is delivered it is completely assembled and completely encased in steel. They also come with a Steel Floor. With a Steel Floor when it is mounted to the slap it will give it a better hold. Each bolt is anchored every 12 inches.  Each bolt has a sheer strength of 10,000 pounds. A 4×6 Safe Room will have 18 bolts that secure it to the slab. The bolts are anchored into the slab from the steel floor. Our Safe Rooms have passed the Texas Tech Impact test.

Oklahoma Shelters


Safe Room

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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Oklahoma Safe Room installed in 7-10 days

Oklahoma Safe Room
Our Oklahoma Safe Room is a great option for many suburban homes. They come in custom sizes to protect families and our Safe Rooms have Passed Texas Tech’s impact test to withstand flying debris from an F5 Tornado

Oklahoma Safe Room

We are the leader in the industry for an Oklahoma Safe Rooms.  If you are considering a Oklahoma Safe Room call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation. All of our safe rooms are custom built and have the following specifications:

  • Our Safe Rooms come with a 36″ Steel Door
  • Completely encased in Steel with a Steel Floor
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • They are 6’0″ tall

Each safe room a 10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion. They meet and exceed FEMA standards. They have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test. You pick where the door is. Which side the handle and hinge are, and we can  drill an opening for an electric cord in your safe room.

Typically we can have your safe room made within a week and installed within 7-10 days upon your order.  The installation only takes about 30-45 minutes. The Safe Room is delivered completely assembled.  The installation crew arrives they unload the Oklahoma Safe Room .  They roll it to where you want it installed and it is anchor it to the slab.

If you have any additional questions please call us at 405-367-7901.

Safe Rooms are a great option for someone that can’t walk down step easily and quickly. When its time to get protection against severe weather usually there is a quick notice to seek shelter.  When that happens you have minutes to get to your designated area for protection from the storm or tornado.  So it is critical that with a short notice you can get where you need to be. The Safe Room is installed in the garage and it can be installed anywhere on a pre construction slab.  You just need to plan it ahead of time with you builder and we can help you with the project.

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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Storm Shelters OKC

Storm Shelters OKC

Storm Shelters OKC

The single most asked question we receive here for Storm Shelters OKC at Oklahoma Shelters is: What is the cost?

All of our Storm Shelters OKC meet FEMA requirements. We have install dates within the next few weeks.  They are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.  We have a Small, medium, large, and extra large.  The price range for a Storm Shelters OKC depends on the size of the shelter.  All of our garage shelters meet FEMA requirement and are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.

For example a medium shelter is 3’x6’x5’H and is least expensive. Then large shelter which is 5’x7’x5.5’H. The extra large shelter is 5’x8’x6’H and is more expensive because it is a bigger shelter.

Convenience is the key when it comes to safety during a storm.  Our underground Storm Shelters OKC can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage in your garage.  An underground garage shelter is also out of the weather and out of harm’s way when its time to get in the shelter during a tornado warning.

All of our underground Storm Shelters OKC garage shelters are built with the following specifications:

Shelter Specifications Storm Shelter OKC

Heavy duty steel construction
Shield coating to prevent rusting or corrosion
1/4″ solid steel lids
Sliding lid as well as secondary back door release from inside
Angle iron ridges to prevent floating
Lock sliding door design includes a secondary opening hatch
Removable metal steps and benches covered with our non-slip coating
Store away handrail
Vent hole on sliding lid
10 Year Warranty against leaks and corrosion

Outside Concrete Storm Shelters

If you have room in your backyard or front yard. You can also consider a Slope Top or Flat Top Cement Shelter.  These  Storm Shelters OKC are underground shelters and are 6’2” high. The problem in some city neighborhoods is there is not enough room to get the shelter truck in the backyard.  To install an underground cement shelter we need enough room to get the shelter truck into the yard. The truck has backup to where you want the shelter to go.

The sizes for Storm Shelters OKC Underground Cement shelters are, Slope Top 6’x8’x6’2” high, 7’x10’x6’2” high. The Flat Tops are 5’x7’x6’2” high, and 7’x10’x6’2” high. The underground cement shelter is typically higher then the underground garage shelters and both offer good protection against an F-5 Tornado. For people who have problems walking downstairs or need to have something wheelchair accessible we recommend a safe room.  Our safe rooms are custom built and come in several sizes, they have a 3 foot door and are 6’2” high. The safe rooms are also rated to withstand an F-5 Tornado.

When we install underground garage Storm Shelters OKC in the garage. We mark the floor and then cut out the slab.  Then we dig out the dirt to the size required for the shelter.  After it has been dug out and is level we unload the garage shelter and lower it into the whole.  Then we fill the hole and concrete in the shelter.

The bigger Storm Shelters OKC cost more due to fact that they have more steel for the shelter, they require more work for the install (digging and dirt removal) and more concrete when completing the installation.  To get a quote on a Storm Shelters OKC you can call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation.

Oklahoma Shelters

Storm Shelters OKC

Storm Shelters OKC

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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When is tornado season

Tornado Season

Tornado Season in Oklahoma

Tornado season peaks in the United States in the second week of May.  Most of the these storms are in central Oklahoma. Tornado season in Oklahoma starts in March. It continues in April. Then it peaks in May. In 2014 Oklahoma had the first recorded Tornado in December 2014.

If you live in Oklahoma we suggest that you have a severe weather plan. For your family and any others nearby. The first thing is to think about where you will seek shelter when there is a tornado watch. But most important is when there is a tornado warning. Leaving during a tornado puts you at the risk of being injured. The best place to be during a tornado is in an underground shelter. An Underground Cement Shelter or an Underground Garage Shelter is your best protection.  If you have problems walking downstairs. Or need something that is wheelchair accessible. You can get protection in a Safe Room.  At Oklahoma Shelters all of our Shelters and Safe Rooms are rated to withstand an F-5 Tornado.

Tornado season is starting earlier in the United States.  People that live in tornado alley should be aware of this. The season has been starting earlier every year. Tornado alley does not have an exact definition. Most tornadoes happen in Nebraska.  In Kansas. Also in Oklahoma. An in northern Texas. In these states the peak of tornado season was around May 26 in the 1950s. In the early 2000’s the peak has moved up to around May 19.

This shift was found out by looking at all of the tornadoes.   Then they removed the F0 tornadoes. They produce the least damage. That moved the tornado peak up 2 weeks earlier.   This shows that tornadoes are occur earlier in present day. Then what they were in the middle of the 20th century. We don’t know is what is causing the shift. Tornado records date back to 1950. That makes it hard to do an in depth report of changing trends.

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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What Oklahoma Storm Shelter is best for me

Oklahoma Storm Shelter
In choosing an Oklahoma Storm Shelter there are some things to consider. Below we have written some suggestions to help with your decision on choosing an Oklahoma Storm Shelter.

Oklahoma Storm Shelter considerations

In choosing a Concrete Underground Oklahoma Storm Shelter here are some things to consider:

For a Concrete Underground Oklahoma Storm Shelter think about this.  This shelter will be unloaded from a large truck.  The truck has to back up to where the hole has been dug. So the Concrete Shelter to be placed into the hole. So take some time to consider these things:

Does your property have enough access space for the delivery truck to unload the shelter directly from the truck to where it is going in your yard?

Do you have 14′ height and 10′ width of clearance to get the Concrete Shelter to where you want it installed? If not, you may want to consider an Underground Garage Shelter or Steel Safe room.

In choosing an Underground Garage Shelter here are some things to consider:

For those of you who like the idea of an Underground Oklahoma Storm Shelter. But you don’t have room to put one in your yard. Or you prefer NOT to have to go outside during a storm our Underground Garage Shelter would be a good fit for your needs.

The Underground Garage shelter doesn’t take up any space inside your home or in your garage.

In the garage it is flush with the ground and you can enter the shelter with your car parked in the garage also.

We have also been able to install the Steel Garage Shelter in your back yard or front yard if there is enough room for our digger to get into that part of your property.

In choosing a Steel Safe Room here are some things to consider:

Do you need accessibility for someone in a wheelchair or that has trouble walking down steps.

If so; consider a Steel Safe Room, they are wheelchair accessible and have a 36″ wide door.

Our Steel Safe Rooms are custom built to what size you need and where you would like the door.

When you stop to consider all of the options, you may feel unsure. That is where we come in. Call or email us today for a complimentary on site evaluation. We will go over all of your options for an Oklahoma Storm Shelter and help find one that best fits your unique needs.

Oklahoma Storm Shelter

Slope Top Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

Storm Shelters

Underground Slope Top Shelter

Concrete Shelter

Underground Garage Shelter

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Steel Safe Room

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Underground Bunker


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