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Oklahoma Shelters is KFOR’s Tornado Shelter Expert

If you would like a Free Tornado Shelter Quote you can call us at 405-300-0950 or you can email us at and we will be able to give you a Free Shelter Quote today.

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You can call us at the phone number above. A storm shelter or safe room specialist will be able to help you with your Free Tornado Shelter Quote. One of our representatives will answer any questions you have. We have Underground Cement Shelters.  Underground Garage Shelters.  Steel Safe Rooms. All of our products meet and exceed FEMA guidelines. Each product is rated to withstand the force of an F5 tornado. We offer a Free Tornado Shelter Quote and Free onsite Consultations to help you with your pick which shelter is the best for you.

Oklahoma Shelters

We offer Free Storm Shelter consultations for your home or business. One of our storm shelter agents can help you with your decision on what shelter is best for you. We have  underground shelters. That you can put in your backyard. We have storm shelters that you can put in your garage that are underground in your garage. We custom build safe rooms that can be installed at your home or business.  If a tornado happens you need to have a plan that will help protect you and your family and we can provide you with a Free Tornado Shelter Quote.

All of our shelters and safe rooms meet and exceed FEMA guidelines. All of our products have a 10 year warranty against leaks or corrosion. The garage shelters is sprayed with a liner. The liner is leak proof. The underground cement shelter are sealed to help prevent leaks. Our steel safe rooms are completed encased in steel. They have a steel floor. We anchor the bolts every 12 inches. Each bolt has 10,000 pounds of sheer strength. We can make cutouts for electrical cords and if the safe room is going against a plug. We can make a cutout for an electrical plug for the safe room. Call us today for you Free Tornado Shelter Quote.

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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OKC Storm Shelter

OKC Storm Shelter

Storm Season is here again in Oklahoma and here is some information if you want an OKC Storm Shelter from Oklahoma Shelters.  All of our OKC Storm Shelter are rated for an EF5 Tornado.  Our employee’s do all of our installs, we do not use sub contractors. We have great reviews from our customers.  We know how the install comes out every time.

Oklahoma Shelters has several different styles for an OKC Storm Shelter.

Slope Top OKC Storm Shelter.
Slope Top 5’x7′ and 6’2 tall (about 12-16 people)
Slope Top 6’x8′ and 6’2 tall (about 12-16 people)
Slope Top 4’6″x11′ and 5’10 tall (about 13-18 people)
Slope Top 7’x10′ and 6’2 tall (about 17-23 people)

Flat Top OKC Storm Shelter
Flat Top 4’x6′ and 5’10” tall (about 6-8 people)
(our excavator’s can pick up the above shelter)
Flat Top 5’x7′ and 6’2″ tall (about 9-12 people)
Flat Top 7’x10′ and 6’2 tall (about 17-23 people)

Steel Staircase with double handrails
Vented top (8″ wind turbine for ventilation and 6″ vent)
Steel Door with gas assisted hinge for easy opening
Storm Shelters are pre-cast concrete
Reinforced with fiber mesh and steel rebar
Poured with a minimum of 6,000 PSI concrete
10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion

Underground Garage OKC Storm Shelter
We cut the slab, dig the hole for the shelter and haul off everything
Stairs and 2 benches in each shelter
Sprayed with a liner that is non-corrosive and leak proof
Cemented in and attached to the slab with Re-Bar so they will not float
Smooth finish on the concrete when done with the install
10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion

3’x6′ and 4’6″ tall (about 6 people)
5’x7′ and 5’6″ tall (about 9-12 people)

5’x8′ and 5’6″ tall (about 10-14 people)
5’x8′ and 6’4″ tall (about 10-14 people)

Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today at 405-367-7901

Oklahoma Shelters

OKC Storm Shelter

Garage Storm Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108


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120 Storm Shelter for PHA

Storm Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters installs several types of Storm Shelter.

We took on a project for the Peoria Housing Authority to install 120 Storm Shelter. Our Storm Shelter is rated for and EF5 Tornado. They meet or exceed FEMA Guidelines. Click on this link to see the full article 120 Storm Shelters installed for the Peoria Housing Authority

In Miami Oklahoma the Peoria Tribe Housing Authority broke ground for the installation of 120 new tornado and storm shelter units on Wednesday that will be installed by Oklahoma Shelters.

Oklahoma Shelters, Tribal officials, Peoria Housing Authority staff, residents, tenants, tribal members and others came to the ceremonial ground breaking to kick off and commemorate the important event.

This project for our communities in Miami, Fairland, Wyandotte and Quapaw.  They have different sizes, depending on the size of the residence.

The project was funded through part of a $1 million HUD Grant and will provide a storm shelter for each of the total 400 housing units.

Peoria Tribe Chief John Froman said the shelters will be placed at all four sites. The project is funded by the ICBG tribal grant funds to increase the safety of tenants.

“It’s going to be convenient and very accessible for our tenants,” Chief Froman said. “It is a project that is long been overdue for our tenant’s safety and our elderly, and the small families here. This project is something that the board and the tribe felt really strong about.

The project will be between $500,000 to $600,000.  The grant is set up for several different things. We earmarked it for rehabilitation. The PHA is the first Indian housing authority to do stand alone individual storm shelters. Usually when you see this in a project like this they will construct one large storm shelter where everybody can meet. We decided to make it convenient to our residences and put the Storm Shelter in their back yard.

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Storm Shelter OKC

Storm Shelter OKC

At Oklahoma Shelters we can help you with your Storm Shelter OKC needs and any questions you might have.  Tornado season is all year long. They have hit in every month in Oklahoma.  In January 2017 many Tornadoes have already hit in the United States.  On January 2 a Tornado hit Olive Mississippi and 3 more Tornadoes hit Georgia on that same Day.  In Texas on January 12 Tornadoes hit near the red river. On January 15 a total of 11 more Tornadoes hit in Texas.  Tornadoes hit in Haddiesburg Mississippi  on January 22 and 4 people were killed.  

Oklahoma typically gets the most of these violent storms and we encourage people to plan ahead of time.  That way if there are bad storms in your area and you are under a Tornado Warning you already have a plan in the event a Tornado hits in your area.  We provide free quotes and free on site consultations to help you with which option is best for you and your family.  If you are looking for a Storm Shelter OKC we can help you and your family with your needs.  We build all of our Shelters and our Employees do all of our installs.  Each Storm Shelter OKC is rated for an EF5 Tornado and meets/exceeds FEMA Guidelines.  

We install for FEMA, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and Emergency Services.  We install for Commercial and residential. Throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

The bigger Storm Shelter OKC cost more. They have more steel for the shelter. The installation takes longer for digging and dirt removal.  We have more concrete for the installation.  To get a quote on a shelter you can call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation.

Oklahoma Shelters

Storm Shelter OKC

OKC Storm Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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90+ Customer Storm Shelter Review

Storm Shelter Review

Storm Shelter Review from some of our customers.

Below are some Storm Shelter Review from some of our customers.  At Oklahoma Shelters we use Our Employee’s to install our products.  That way each Shelter is installed the same way and always look good after the install.  Each Storm Shelter Review below is exactly what they posted on Google about Oklahoma Shelters.

If you click on any name it will also take you directly to what they posted on Google for their Storm Shelter Review about Oklahoma Shelters.

Jon Von
Great job, looks much better then our neighbors. Thank you Oklahoma Shelters

Pete Davis
Great job, thank you Oklahoma Shelters. We are very happy with our Storm Shelter !!!

Jim Hampton
They did a great job. Len came out and looks thing over. On the install day the crew was here on time and did a great job. I would definitely recommend them.

James Benton
One of our friends recommend them, we met with Len and he explained everything to us, his install crew did an excellent job, we would highly recommend Oklahoma Shelters

Roberto Peralta
The best company I’ve ever dealt with, they were organized and the workers are perfectionist. For my Storm Shelter Review I’m very satisfied with my shelter. They cleaned up the mess immediately. Great company and i highly recommend them to install your shelter. You will not regret it.

Rohan Papaly
A truly fantastic company! They did everything they could to make sure my shelter was installed as quickly and conveniently as possible. The instillation crew was friendly and left no sign any serious work done aside from the cleanly placed storm shelter. As for the shelter itself, it is pretty nice. Seems sturdy and safe.

Leonard Brown
When we called and talked with them they went over all our options and we decided to go with them. One of our friends went to the fair and bought a Garage Shelter from another company because it was $100 cheaper. Our Garage Shelter install looks great and theirs doesn’t. We are so glad we went with Oklahoma Shelters, they are great to work with and our shelter looks much better then our friends does. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a Storm Shelter.

Laura Jane Lamb Atchley
It is rare to find a business as professional, service oriented, and motivated to do quality work as Oklahoma Shelters! When I finally made my decision to move forward with getting my shelter the installation was done in less than a week and the installers did an outstanding job. I could not be more pleased and gladly posted my Storm Shelter Review!

Lauren Anderson
They were great! I called to get a quote and Len sent over everything we needed in a timely manner. He got us on the schedule and when a new (earlier) time opened up he was able to move it. The installation team did a great job and was very efficient. I highly recommend.

Abdellah Ait Moussa
I did my homework and decided that the “above ground” storm shelter was the best option for where I live. I looked at the Storm Shelter Review and found Oklahoma Shelters. I Contacted Len Branch on a Sunday and he answered. I visited the storm shelter show room Monday. Later that same week, they installed the safe room. It was a straight forward process and I am very pleased. I would recommend Storm shelter to anybody.

Michele Walton
We were very pleased with our new storm shelter. They came on time and did a great job. Len was even nice enough to stop by before hand and make sure we had a good spot and enough room for the truck to get into the back yard. Their guy that ran the bobcat ( Mike I think) even spread some of the leftover dirt around the yard for me. He did an awesome job packing it around the shelter. We would recommend them to anyone.

Monette Chain
Great company! Informative, organized and easy to work with. We had a garage install and everything went smoothly and was clean when they left! I’d definitely recommend them.

Burly Big
Communication was top notch, the main reason I chose this company over any out of Tulsa.  Installers were early, very clean, professional, and answered all of my questions. Look forward to using them when I decide to build my next home.

Jorge Martinez
I loved it, the install was quick and easy. The installers were really friendly, if I had any questions they were quick to answer it. I liked this company so much that I had my dad go they then as well. Thanks for the great business guys.

Rod Ford
After checking out several websites and personally visiting numerous firms manufacturing and selling safe rooms we decided to go with the unit offered by Oklahoma Shelters. We liked the fact that their safe rooms were constructed of ¼ metal and were particularly impressed by the fact that their unit had a floor. Len Branch answered all of our questions and didn’t pressure us at all. Even though we live about three hours from Oklahoma City, the safe room was delivered promptly. It was professionally and quickly installed. We were very impressed by the workmanship and would highly recommend their safe rooms. Rod & Lois Ford

Brandon Keesee
Very easy process. No hassle or pressure to buy. They can custom build to fit your needs. Good price.

Juvelyn Vannarath
I read their Storm Shelter Review and found out that they are the Best company I’ve ever dealt with. Came on time and very professional in installing the shelter. We are pretty please with the service and result. Len and his team is the best. We’ll surely recommend to friends. Great job guys, we’re pretty safe now.

Jennifer Bolton
Super easy to get everything set up! They always answered or responded back very fast to any questions. The install was awesome. They did amazing job with everything from beginning to end:)

Lisa Coy
My experience with Oklahoma Shelters was very easy and hassle-free from the beginning to end. And the installers were very professional. I would recommend this company for your shelter needs.

Alicia Emmapugh
I was very pleased with the installation of my storm shelter! The work done was very high quality. The guys made sure to clean up afterwards and we’re very courteous and professional. I believe their names were Mike and Frank. Excellent job! Would highly recommend!

Kelly King
Very pleased with our above ground safe room. The turn around time from contacting Len to getting the safe room installed was amazing! Less than 2 weeks altogether! Thanks, again!

Sulema Ramirez
Excellent Company..I had my shelter installed quickly and my garage was nice and clean afterwards.. definitely a great company to choose.

Walker Milligan
From the sales process to install, every step of getting our shelter was streamlined. I would recommend using Oklahoma Shelters to anyone

Jausa Jordanoff
We were very pleased with the fast, friendly and professional service. They were here on the day expected and the storm shelter was installed in just a few hours. Love it!

Denise Smith
They were very professional, and they explained every procedure. I would recommend them to everyone.  Thank you

Betty O’Connor
Everything that was described to me regarding building and installing the above ground shelter was done. Installers were very polite and diligent in getting the installment done. Just hope it never has to be used.

Ernest Lockett
Very professional! Showed up on time, did a great job and cleaned up the mess! Highly recommend and gave them a great Storm Shelter Review.

Min Ling
Good price and good installation.

Tom Smith
They put in our Storm Shelter yesterday, this entire process was great, and the install crew did a terrific job – thank you Oklahoma Shelters

Mark Snavely
I was extremely happy with my experience dealing with Oklahoma Shelters. I highly recommend them.

Julia Rogers
They were great to work with and installed our quality shelter quickly.

Thomas Weeks
We called a few shelter companies and when we talked with Oklahoma Shelters we could tell that they knew the shelter industry, we also read their Storm Shelter Review. They were great from start to finish. The installation crew was awesome and they showed us everything about our shelter. Great company to work with.

John Anglin
Great work. Didn’t take as long as I thought

Heather Stith
My experience was extremely smooth and the service was executed promptly and courteously.

Anna Branch
It was great from start to finish, Len answered all our questions and the install crew did a great job. I would recommend them for sure and wanted to post my Storm Shelter Review.

Jordan Salcedo
Oklahoma Shelters did a great job for us, very easy to work with them.

Alejandro Lopez Martinez
I would recommend them, they did a very good job for us.

Julian Vega
Great job putting in the garage storm shelter. The shelter looks great. Really happy with the finished product, looks really clean. Hopefully we never have to use it but it is there just in case!

Jay Brown
One of our friends had them install a shelter and theirs looked good so we called them to install a shelter for us. They were great and did an awesome job, thanks Oklahoma Shelters !!!

Enlink Midstream
They installed over 10 Storm Shelters at our drilling sites, and would definitely recommend them, they do a great job.

Chelsey Seaton
I contacted Len at Oklahoma Shelters about installing a 5×7 flat top shelter in my backyard, and unlike another local company, Len actually came out to my house and gave us an honest recommendation on the shelter we wanted versus the shelter we needed. We live on a lot in a subdivision and we would have lost a lot of yard space had we chosen the yard shelter, so we went with the garage install and couldn’t be happier. The two gentleman who did the actual install were kind and professional. They arrived at about 6:45am and were gone shortly after noon. They cleaned up everything and gave me clear instructions on how to use the shelter, as well as how to make it a bit more comfortable for my kids should we have to climb in there. Thanks so much Oklahoma shelters, and Len and crew in particular!

Gerry Nanc
Len at Oklahoma Shelters answered all my questions and concerns. The install crew was professional in every way. The shelter is of high quality and craftsmanship, along with being the best price on the market. I have already recommended them to my neighbors and friends.

Rosanne Cecio Nolen
Just purchased an above ground shelter. It was installed within a week of purchase and we are very happy with the service and install. We recommend them if you are in the market for a storm shelter.

Keri Hart
Amazing job guys! They were super friendly and got the job done! Thanks to much for everything!

Laren Hightower
Len is great to work with; fast response! Very quick install date after order placed. Installers very professional. Shelter exactly as described..very solid beyond expectations!

Barbra Marbury
Service with a smile😃 Len came out within 48 hours of my contacting him to take measurements and give me an estimate, explaining everything about the Saferoom to me. I have MS and cannot climb down into a shelter and this fits my needs perfectly! It was delivered on the day I wanted, quickly, cleaning up after themselves as they went. Storm Shelter Review

Tyler Kincannon
I had to take my fence down for them to be able to get into my backyard, the guys showed up earlier than expected and I had a trailer back there to haul the dirt off with, they were more than happy to load it up and make my job easy, the guys even spread some dirt on low spots in my yard. It was a great experience and totally worth it, Len was good about answering any and all questions. Highly recommend these guys!

Ramona Smit
They did a great job. Very timley and friendly. I would recommend this Company to everyone.

Danielle Simons
Amazing job we love our shelter!!!

Zeb Books
We had a garage floor tornado shelter put in and are so very pleased! I delt with Len and he is so delightful and very professional. He takes the time to explain every step of the process and is very knowledgeable. We researched quite a number of shelter companies and the overwhelming positive reviews of the Oklahoma Shelter Company was very instrumental in choosing to go with them. They came early, were very neat and thorough. Now I’m recommending them to all my friends. Two friends saw the work and called to get it done! It was a breeze! Very reasonable price too! Storm Shelter Review

Brennan Will
Local Guide · 79 reviews · 7 photos
The shelter is well built and the staff was very friendly.

Mikaela Clenard
These guys were awesome! Len gave very detailed instruction and information on the shelters and installation. His response time was quick and even helped guide me in the right direction for permits! If I had to ever install another shelter, I’d go through Len and Oklahoma Shelters! I HIGHLY recommend them!! Storm Shelter Review

ashley noxon
Wouldn’t ever use another company!! They were, fast, professional and did an excellent job. We could not be happier with our shelter

Annette Miller
Excellent work and very professional. Highly recommend

Cyndi George
Excellent work, they did a great job!!!

C Baxter
From the moment you talk to Len about a Safe Room, you are in good hands he is very knowledgeable, friendly and has your best interests in mind. But it doesn’t end there! The installers that came out were also “Top Notch”. They were very very meticulous, friendly, and hard working. They never rushed anything and the number one priority was that my Storm Cellar was exactly the way I wanted it before they left. Awesome Job Len, Mike and Chris! Storm Shelter Review

Holly Horner
After looking around for shelters and pricing a few out, I decided to call Oklahoma Shelters for a consultation. Len was very kind and prompt with the services he provided for our family. He came out that same day on his way to Kingfisher and gave me all the information I needed. I talked to my husband and went ahead with a 10-12 person shelter. Given that it was storm season, there was a two week wait, which we expected. We didn’t mind. We needed to clear out our garage anyway. The crew that did our install were very patient and kind to my 4 year old son, who questioned them throughout the end of the install. They hauled off the dirt, cleaned up, and gave us a run down of our shelter. They were very informative about our shelter use. I definitely recommend Len and his team. Very professional group. Storm Shelter Review

Richelle Harrington
Great experience with Oklahoma Shelters. Len was very informative and helped to answer all my questions. Installation went as planned, haven’t had to use the shelter yet but feel so much safer knowing it’s there! Thanks Oklahoma Shelters!

Diana Bryan
Had shelter put in a couple weeks ago, very professional people, from the sales man to the ones who put it in! Completely satisfied, would recommend this company to anyone!

keith brown
Len Branch did a great in helping me pick out what shelter that I wanted also the people who installed it were quick and did a great job and put it exactly where I wanted thank you Oklahoma storm shelter for a good job

Gabe Newman
Oklahoma shelters were great! From initial contact to getting the shelter installed in my garage took only 10 days. Everything went smoothly, good customer service and the installation went well. Very professional throughout, would definitely recommend to others!

Len Branch
Local Guide · 148 reviews · 2 photos
Great company, we use our Own Employees when we do an install

charles burton
The installation crew was very professional and polite. The install took less than four hours. I give Oklahoma shelters a five star rating. Very pleased customer! Storm Shelter Review

Bryant Metcalf
They put in 50 Storm Shelters for us and everything went smooth on our project. They put in Concrete Shelters, Underground Garage Shelters, and Safe Rooms on our project. I would definitely recommend them.

Bruce Holman
Len and his team are phenomenal!!! His equipment operator has the skills of a surgeon. I am a Realtor and I will recommend them to every single one of my clients!

Anthony Diaz
Clear explanation of all options, quick availability, and professional installation. Installation took about 45 minutes. Really easy to work with and communicated quickly and excellently.

Deborah Treschitta
I am so-o-o-o-o happy with this company and HIGHLY recommend them! Price was cheaper than all my friends paid for other companies. (And they had complaints about their service with these other companies) Len is a great guy – he was excellent with communication and walked me through the process and gave me all the information I needed very quickly and clearly before installation. The workers showed up early and were sitting outside until the appointment time – I saw them when I went to bring my son to the bus so we actually got started early – unheard of for most contractors. The workers were fast, efficient, unbelievably clean – no giant mess in my garage and no giant concrete dust mess on the stuff in my garage. And, they were so friendly – I loved them! The shelter is awesome!!! I am very, very happy that I chose Oklahoma Shelters and I hope if you’re reading this, you choose them too – they’re the best!!! Storm Shelter Review

Very pleased with our storm shelter and the process. Len was very helpful and we had our storm shelter delivered and installed very quickly. Didn’t have any problems from start to finish so we left them a Storm Shelter Review.

Oh Hey Its Kel
Very pleased with our above ground safe room. The turn around time from contacting Len to getting the safe room installed was amazing! Less than 2 weeks altogether! Thanks, again!

Mitch Hicks
Great company, I would recommend them.  They did a great job for us.

Kevin Readel
Solid merchant for one of the most important pieces of home safety equipment if you live in Oklahoma. Professional sales and service. Quality products. I am more than pleased.

Norma Martinez
Local Guide · 18 reviews · 7 photos
Did a great job. Made sure we were happy with the installation. Would definitely recommend.

Billy Webb
Great job, we are very happy with our Storm Shelter and Oklahoma Shelters. They are putting in one for our daughter next week.

Tyler Lane
Len and his crew built and installed an outstanding shelter, giving my family peace of mind they will be protected in a storm. They provided excellent customer service throughout the process and did a great job from design to final installation. I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering a tornado shelter or safe room.


Contact us for a no cost, no obligation consultation today at 405-367-7901

At Oklahoma Shelters we have Underground Garage Storm Shelters. Underground Cement Shelters. Steel Safe Rooms. Our shelters pass the Texas Tech Impact Test. Each shelter is tested to withstand flying debris. That comes from an EF5 tornado.  They also meet and exceed FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards.  Each of our shelters also have an Engineer Approved Seal.

Oklahoma Shelters

Storm Shelter Review

Review Storm Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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OKC Storm Shelters

OKC Storm Shelters

OKC Storm Shelters

The single most asked question we receive here for our OKC Storm Shelters at Oklahoma Shelters is: What is the cost? We have Storm Shelters starting at $2400 plus installation and delivery.

All of our OKC Storm Shelters meet FEMA requirements. We have install dates within the next 7 to 10 days.  They are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.  We have a small, medium, large, and extra large.  We custom build all of our shelters and they Meet or Exceed FEMA requirement and they are rated to withstand an F5 Tornado.

Convenience is the key when it comes to safety during a storm.  Our underground OKC Storm Shelters can be installed in your garage and don’t require the use of valuable square footage in your garage.  An underground garage shelter is also out of the weather and out of harm’s way when its time to get in the shelter during a tornado warning.  All of our underground garage shelters are built with the following specifications:

Heavy duty steel construction
Shield coating to prevent rusting or corrosion
1/4″ solid steel lids
Sliding lid as well as secondary back door release from inside
Angle iron ridges to prevent floating
Lock sliding door design includes a secondary opening hatch
Removable metal steps and benches covered with our non-slip coating
Store away handrail
Vent hole on sliding lid
10 Year Warranty against leaks and corrosion

If you have room in your backyard or front yard. You can also consider a Slope Top or Flat Top Cement Shelter.    These OKC Storm Shelters are underground shelters and are 6’2” high. The problem in some city neighborhoods is there is not enough room to get the shelter truck in the backyard. To install an underground cement shelter we need enough room to get the shelter truck into the yard. The truck will need to backup exactly to where you want the shelter to go. We have 2 sizes for Underground Cement shelters Slope Top 6’x8’x6’2” high, 7’x10’x6’2” high. The Flat Tops are 5’x7’x6’2” high, and 7’x10’x6’2” high. For people who have trouble walking down stairs or need to have something wheelchair accessible we also have Steel Safe Rooms.  Our Safe Rooms are custom built and come in several sizes, they have a 3 foot door and are 6’2” high. The Safe Rooms are also rated to withstand an F-5 Tornado.

When we install underground garage OKC Storm Shelters in the garage. We mark the garage floor and cut out the slab.  Then we dig out the dirt to the size required for the shelter.  After it has been dug out and is level we unload the garage shelter and lower it into the hole and finish installing the shelter.  We concrete the bottom and at the top we use rebar at the top when we finish concreting the shelter.

The bigger Storm Shelters OKC cost more due to fact that they have more steel for the shelter, they require more work for the install (digging and dirt removal) and more concrete when completing the installation.  To get a quote on a shelter you can call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation.

Oklahoma Shelters

OKC Storm Shelters

Underground Garage Shelter

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

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Tornado Shelter OKC

Tornado Shelter OKC

We build our Tornado Shelter OKC and our employees do the installs.  Below are pictures of an Underground Tornado Shelter OKC that we installed.

Our installation crew will get there about 7:30 in the morning.  The installation of a Tornado Shelter OKC in the garage takes about 4 hours.  We will cut your slab.  Did out all the dirt and haul off everything. The outside of the garage shelter is sprayed with an epoxy coal tar that is also used on underground oil and gas pipelines.  When we install the Tornado Shelter OKC we concrete it at the bottom and the concrete work at the top is smooth like your slab. This is because we use Our Employees for all of our installs. We do not take a deposit or any money upfront. We collect payment after the shelter is installed that day.

All of our Storm Shelters are rated for an EF5 Tornado. They also meet or exceed FEMA guidelines. We install through out Oklahoma all year long. We install for residential and commercial. We work with FEMA, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Emergency Services, the Indian Nations, etc.

We can help you with any questions you have on a Storm Shelter. We do free quote and also on site consultations to help you with which Storm Shelter would work best for you.  We have been installing Storm Shelters in Oklahoma for a long time and our crews always do a great job on installs.

Call us today for a free quote for your storm shelter.


Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

Oklahoma Shelters

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Photos for Underground Bunkers

Some More Underground Bunkers Pictures

Underground Bunker
Our Underground Bunker is a great option. The Bunker is custom built for your needs. They are designed to protect families. They meet and exceed FEMA standards and they will Not Float.

You  can  call  us  at   405-367-7901   from  7am-10pm  every  day.

Underground Bunkers will protect you and your family against Tornadoes. Our Underground Bunkers are custom built. They can be made with Steel or Concrete.  We design each bunker to meet your needs.

Underground Steel Bunker 8’x6’x6’H to 8’x25’x6’H (we can make them taller)
The door on this is 4.5’ long and 30” wide
Stairs are outside of the bunker dimensions
Door Seal
Double Handrails and non-skid Strip Tape
Screens on Vent Caps
Commercial epoxy coal tar on outside of bunker
3″ channel on 2 foot centers
3″ flat bar on bottom 2 foot centers
Common Gray color on inside
10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion

The best place to be when bad weather and tornadoes occur is underground.  Underground Bunkers allow you to get people quickly into the shelter. This is because of the wide door and stairs.  This type of storm shelter is used by people that need to put a lot of people into the shelter. If is often used for storage also. This storm shelter is leak proof so you can store your items in it and not have to worry about the items getting wet or ruined.  The bunker can be made to any size you would like. We typically make them 6′ tall.  But if you want it to be taller we can do that.

At Oklahoma Shelters we specialize in helping you and your family from bad weather and tornadoes.  We have several items that you can choose from. We have Steel or Cement Underground Bunkers. Underground Garage Shelters. Underground Cement Shelters. And we also have Steel Safe Rooms. All of our products come with a warranty for 10 years against leaks and corrosion.

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Underground Bunkers

Underground Bunkers

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Safe Room for an EF5 Tornado

Safe Room

At Oklahoma Shelters we provide Safe Room and Underground Steel Bunkers in Oklahoma and Texas.

Our Safe Rooms and Underground Steel Bunkers meet and exceed FEMA guidelines.  Each is rated to withstand the force of a F5 Tornado.

They are installed above ground and comes with a 36″ foot door. That size makes it wheelchair accessible. The Safe Rooms can be put installed inside or outside. Most of these are installed in the garage and each is custom built.  When you place your order we will ask you where you want the door. Where you want the hinges and how you want the door to open. Basically which side you want the handle and hinges. We will also makes cut outs if you would like to put in an extension code so you can have power in it. We still recommend that you have battery operated lights for the Safe Room. When you call us we will help you with your decision. On what size Safe Room will be a good fit for your family. When you place an order for a Safe Room. It typically takes about 7 to 10 days to build and install it. When the Safe Room is delivered it is completely assembled and completely encased in steel. They also come with a Steel Floor. With a Steel Floor when it is mounted to the slap it will give it a better hold. Each bolt is anchored every 12 inches.  Each bolt has a sheer strength of 10,000 pounds. A 4×6 Safe Room will have 18 bolts that secure it to the slab. The bolts are anchored into the slab from the steel floor. Our Safe Rooms have passed the Texas Tech Impact test.

Oklahoma Shelters


Safe Room

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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Oklahoma Safe Room installed in 7-10 days

Oklahoma Safe Room
Our Oklahoma Safe Room is a great option for many suburban homes. They come in custom sizes to protect families and our Safe Rooms have Passed Texas Tech’s impact test to withstand flying debris from an F5 Tornado

Oklahoma Safe Room

We are the leader in the industry for an Oklahoma Safe Rooms.  If you are considering a Oklahoma Safe Room call us at 405-367-7901 for a free consultation. All of our safe rooms are custom built and have the following specifications:

  • Our Safe Rooms come with a 36″ Steel Door
  • Completely encased in Steel with a Steel Floor
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • They are 6’0″ tall

Each safe room a 10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion. They meet and exceed FEMA standards. They have passed the Texas Tech Impact Test. You pick where the door is. Which side the handle and hinge are. We can also drill an opening for an electric cord in your safe room.

Typically we can have your safe room made within a week and installed within 7-10 days upon your order.  The installation only takes about 30-45 minutes. The Safe Room is delivered completely assembled.  When the installation crew arrives they unload the Oklahoma Safe Room .  They roll it to where you want it installed.  Then they anchor it to the slab.

If you have any additional questions please call us at 405-367-7901.

Safe Rooms are a great option for someone that can’t walk down step easily and quickly. When its time to get protection against severe weather usually there is a quick notice to seek shelter.  When that happens you have minutes to get to your designated area for protection from the storm or tornado.  So it is critical that with a short notice you can get where you need to be. The Safe Room is typically installed in the garage.  But it can also be installed anywhere on a pre construction slab.  You just need to play it ahead of time with you builder.

Oklahoma Shelters

Oklahoma Shelters
2501 SW 15th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73108

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